Composer Title Publisher Artist/instrument Year Published Price £ All other information
Abt, Franz Little Snow-White eng. by E Traquair Augener SSA, piano £20.00 Collectable
Abt, Franz Practical singing tutor Op.474 Soprano Schirmer Voice, piano £15.00 As new
Adams, Stephen Holy city (Bb) Boosey Voice, piano £2.00 Fair
Addinsell, Richard Warsaw concerto Prowse Piano £0.80 Fair
Addinsell, Richard Warsaw concerto Prowse Piano £1.00 Good. 2 copies available
Ahlert, F & Leslie, E Moon was yellow, The Francis, Day Voice, piano 1934 £5.00 Pic of Frank Sinatra
Ahlert, F & Young, J Can't we dream a midsummer night's dream Crawford Voice, piano 1935 £10.00 Rare
Aichinger, Gregor Jubilate Deo: motet for 5 voices, ed Collins Chester SSATB 1930 £5.00 For 5 copies
Alpert, H ed Brimhall Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass: easy piano Hansen Piano 1966 £3.00 Good
Arne, Thomas When daisies pied Novello Voice, piano £1.00 Separated pages
Ashford, E L My task (Eng & Fr) Key E flat Fr Harris Voice, piano 1913 £3.00 Good.
Associated Board Aural training in practice Book 1: grades 1-3 ABRSM 1994 £1.00 Good. 2 copies
Associated Board Aural training in practice Book 2: grades 4-5 ABRSM 1994 £1.00 Very good
Associated Board Cello sight reading Book 1 grades 1-5 AB Cello 1949 £2.90 Good
Associated Board Cello sight reading Book 2 grades 6-8 AB Cello 1949 £2.90 Good
Associated Board First violin Book 3, grades 4 & 5 AB Violin, piano £4.00 Excellent
Associated Board Graded pianoforte studies 1st series Gd 3 AB Piano £2.00 Good
Associated Board Music theory in practice Grade 2 ABRSM 2014 £4.50 NEW
Associated Board Music theory in practice Grade 3 AB 2008 £3.50 NEW
Associated Board Music theory in practice Grade 3 ABRSM 2014 £5.00 NEW
Associated Board Music theory in practise Grade 4 AB 2014 £5.75 NEW 2 copies
Associated Board Music theory past papers Grade 2 (3 papers only) ABRSM 2014 £2.00 3 papers, unused
Associated Board Music theory past papers Grade 3 ABRSM 2014 £3.50 NEW
Associated Board Music theory past papers Grade 4 (3 papers only) ABRSM 2014 £2.50 3 papers, unused
Associated Board Piano exams Elementary division Lists A, B, C AB Piano 1928 £3.00 Good
Associated Board Piano exams Grade 2: lists A and B AB Piano 1951 £1.00 Fair
Associated Board Piano exams Grade 3: lists A and B AB Piano 1985 £1.00 Fair. Some markings
Associated Board Piano exams Grade 4 AB Piano 1999 £1.50 Unused
Associated Board Piano exams Grade 4 AB Piano 1998 £1.50 Unused
Associated Board Piano exams Grade 4 Lists A & B AB Piano 1982 £3.00 Good
Associated Board Piano exams Grade 4: lists A and B AB Piano 1963 £2.00 Good
Associated Board Piano exams Grade 5: list A: 1945 & 1946 AB Piano 1945 £3.00 Good
Associated Board Piano exams Grade 6: list B: 1945 & 1946 AB Piano 1945 £2.00 Good
Associated Board Piano exams Grade IV Lists A & B AB Piano 1958 £3.00 Good
Associated Board Piano exams Grade IV Lists A & B AB Piano 1957 £3.00 Good
Associated Board Piano exams Higher division - List B AB Piano 1927 £3.00 Good
Associated Board Piano exams Higher division - List C AB Piano 1929 £3.00 Good
Associated Board Piano exams Intermediate List A AB Piano 1932 £3.00 Good
Associated Board Piano exams Intermediate List A AB Piano 1931 £3.00 Very good
Associated Board Piano exams Lower division Lists A, B, & C AB Piano 1929 £3.00 Good
Associated Board Piano Grade 2 scales, arpeggios etc ABRSM 2008 £2.00 NEW
Associated Board Piano Grade 4 Scales, arpeggios etc AB Piano 1995 £1.00 Good
Associated Board Piano Grade 6 Scales, arpeggios etc AB Piano 1995 £1.50 Excellent. Unused
Associated Board Piano Grade 8 Scales, arpeggios etc AB Piano 1995 £1.50 Excellent. Unused
Associated Board Piano Preparatory test AB Piano 1990 £0.50 Very good
Associated Board Piano sight reading pieces Grade IV AB Piano 1937 £2.00 Good
Associated Board Piano sight reading tests Grade 1 AB Piano 1994 £1.00 Good
Associated Board Piano sight reading tests Grade 2 AB Piano 1994 £0.50 Good. 2 copies available
Associated Board Piano sight reading tests Grade 2 AB Piano 1986 £0.50 Good. 3 copies available
Associated Board Piano sight reading tests Grade 3 AB Piano 1965 £0.50 Good
Associated Board Piano sight reading tests Grade 3 AB Piano 1986 £0.50 Good
Associated Board Piano sight reading tests Grade 3 AB Piano 1994 £0.50 Good
Associated Board Piano sight reading tests Grade 4 AB Piano 1986 £0.50 Good
Associated Board Piano sight reading tests Grade 4 AB Piano 1965 £0.50 Good
Associated Board Piano sight reading tests Grade 4 AB Piano 1998 £1.50 Very good
Associated Board Piano sight reading tests Grade 6 AB Piano 1994 £1.50 Very good
Associated Board Singing Prep Test AB Voice, piano 2003 £3.50 New
Associated Board Singing preparatory test AB Voice, piano 1993 £0.50 Good. 2 copies available
Associated Board Specimen aural tests for LRSM AB 1990 £10.00 Unused. Rare
Associated Board Specimen aural tests Grades 1-5 AB 1992 £1.00 Good
Associated Board Specimen aural tests Grades 1-5 AB 1994 £1.00 Good. 3 copies available
Associated Board Specimen aural tests Grades 6-8 AB 1995 £1.00 Unused. 2 copies
Associated Board Specimen papers - Grade 6 theory ABRSM 1991 £5.00 Unused
Associated Board Specimen papers - Grade 7 theory ABRSM 1991 £5.00 Unused
Associated Board Specimen papers - Grade 8 theory ABRSM 1991 £5.00 Unused
Associated Board Studies & pieces for the pianoforte Augener Piano 1902 £5.00 Excellent for its age
Associated Board Theory of music exams: Grade 1 Two papers only AB 2001 £0.90 Unused
Associated Board Theory of music exams: Grade 2 AB 2008 £2.50 New
Associated Board Theory of music exams: Grade 2 AB 2001 £3.00 New, unused
Associated Board Theory of music exams: Grade 3 AB 2008 £2.50 New
Associated Board Theory of music exams: grade 5 Model Answers AB 2006 £5.00 New, unused
Associated Board Theory of music exams: Grade 6 AB 1992 £5.00 Never used
Associated Board Violin exams Grade 1 2005-2007 AB Violin part only 2005 £1.00 Fair
Associated Board Violin prep test AB Violin £2.50 Not used
Associated Board Way ahead Grade 1 AB Piano 1967 £1.50 Good
Atkinson, Geoffrey Hymn inspiration Oecumuse Organ £1.00 Good
Austin, Frederic arr Twelve days of Christmas Novello Voice, piano 1909 £1.50 Reinforced edges
Bach 100 chorales harmonised by Bach ed.C S Terry OUP Piano 1937 £20.00 Good. Ed. A Ashby
Bach 48 preludes and fugues, Book 1 Peters Keyboard £5.00 Fair
Bach Bach organ album OUP Organ 1939 £5.00 Very good
Bach Drei sonaten fur viola da gamba (Robert Hausmann) Steingraber Cello, piano £15.00 Rare, good
Bach Flocks in pastures green abiding OUP Voice, piano £1.00 Good, 3 copies available
Bach Flocks may graze in tranquil safety Novello Voice, piano 1946 £1.00 2 copies available
Bach Forty-eight preludes and fugues Book 1 Peters Keyboard £5.00 Fair
Bach Gigue in G from French suite no 5 (Matthay) Forsyth Bros Piano £2.00 Good
Bach Jesu, joy of man's desiring (in Eng/Welsh) OUP Voice, piano 1930 £1.00 £2
Bach Jesu, joy of man's desiring (Whittaker) OUP SATB, piano 1931 £1.00 Good.
Bach Organ works Book 15 Novello Organ £24.00 Excellent
Bach Prelude & Fugue D major (48, Bk 1, no.5) Ashdown Piano £1.50 Good
Bach St Matthew Passion (English) Breitkopf Vocal score £8.00 Good
Bach Stronghold sure (Cantata 80) (English) Novello Vocal score £1.20 Good. 2 copies.
Balfe Bohemian girl: selection Paxton Piano (voice) £3.00 Good
Bantock, Granville China Mandarin, The Curwen 2 trebles, piano 1913 £1.00 Fair
Barbershop Quartet Razor sharp and natural (14 songs) E. Morris TTBB £4.00 Good
Barbershop Quartet Something for the boys (14 songs) E. Morris TTBB £4.00 Good
Bargy, Roy Album of piano syncopations Sam Fox Piano £10.00 Excellent
Barnes, Paul Good-bye Dolly Gray Darewski Voice, piano 1900 £2.00 Good
Barnett, J F Wishing well Novello Vocal score 1893 £2.00 Rare
Barthelson, Joyce O Mary, don't you weep Lawson SATB, piano 1956 £6.00 For 4 copies
Bartlett, J C Dream, A Key F Enoch Voice, piano £3.50 Good
Bartok Mikrokosmos Vol IV B & H Piano £5.00 Good.
Bath, Hubert Cornish rhapsody Prowse Piano 1944 £3.00 Good
Batten, Reg Do you forget Prowse Voice, piano 1925 £4.00 Good. Professional copy
Baynes, Sydney Destiny: valse lente Swan Piano 1912 £2.00 Fair
Beethoven 10 selected pieces arr. G Farlane J Williams Piano £3.00 Good
Beethoven 5 selected compositions ed.Manhire.Book 2 Freeman Piano 1926 £2.00 Good
Beethoven Bagatelles, op.119 ed. Macpherson Williams Piano £1.00 Good
Beethoven Present fur Elise, A ed Brownsey & Lantz Shawnee SSA, piano £1.35 NEW
Beethoven Sonata op.27 no.2 (Moonlight) Augener Piano £1.00 Fair
Beethoven Sonata Op.78 (no.24) ed. Macpherson Williams Piano £3.00 Good
Beethoven Sonatas 81a,90,101,106,109,110 Peters piano £2.00 Fair
Beethoven Sonatas: Ops.81A, 90, 101, 106, 109, 110 Peters Vol 6 Piano £2.00 Covered. Fair
Beethoven/de los Rios Song of joy ATV Music Voice, piano £1.00 Good. 7 copies available
Bell, Jan Laet ons nu al verblijden (Now let there be) Ed Musico CATB 1954 £5.00 5 rare copies
Bellini La Sonnambula ((English & Italian) Schirmer Vocal score H/b £25.00 Good
Belton, John Time marches on Ascherberg Piano 1946 £1.00 Good
Benjamin, Arthur Callers Boosey Voice, piano 1949 £1.00 Good
Benjamin, Arthur Sonatina for v/cello & piano Hawkes Cello, piano 1939 £10.00 As new
Bergmann, Walter Prelude & fugue (Bassoon & piano no.5) Schott Bassoon, piano 1950 £7.00 Excellent
Beringer, Oscar Modulatory exercises Bosworth Piano £2.00 Good
Berkeley, Lennox Thresher OUP Voice, piano £3.00 Good
Berlin, Irving Always Francis Voice, piano 1925 £3.00 Very scruffy
Berlin, Irving Because I love you Francis Voice, piano 1926 £2.00 Pic of Norah Blaney
Berlin, Irving I left my heart at the stage door canteen Chappell Voice, piano 1942 £2.00 Separated pages
Berlin, Irving What'll I do? Francis Voice, piano 1924 £3.00 1st ed, fair
Berlioz Faust: a dramatic legend in 4 parts (English) Chappell Vocal score 1880 £15.00 Collectable
Bevan, Frederick Flight of ages, The (key B flat) Boosey Voice, piano £1.00 Fair
Bible: Psalms Sing a new song: Psalms in today's Eng. version Collins Words only 1972 £1.50 Good
Bizet Carmen (French) Choudens Vocal score £30.00 Good
Bizet Love the vagrant (Havanera) Cramer Mezzo & piano £1.00 Fair (markings)
Black, D & Scharf, W Ben IMP Voice, piano 1972 £1.00 Fair
Blakeley, Jos Night of love valse Lawrence Piano 1912 £4.00 Good
Boccherini Famous minuet Paxton Piano £1.00 Good
Bock, Jerry Fiddler on the roof. Easy to play edition Valando Piano or organ 1965 £7.00 Good
Bonheur, Theo When the lights are low Morley Piano 1877 £2.00 Slightly foxed
Borganoff, Ivan Gipsy Moon Chappell Voice, piano 1927 £2.00 Fair
Brahms Cradle song Curwen Voice, piano £0.50 Fair
Brahms Cradle song Curwen Voice, piano £0.60 Good. 2 copies available
Brahms Cradle song (Wiegenlied) (F Hoare) Eng/Ger Curwen Voice, piano 1912 £0.50 Good. 6 copies available
Brahms Fantasien Op.116 arr. Mayer-Mahr Simrock Piano £4.00 Good
Brahms Four serious songs Op.121 (Ger, Fr, Eng) Simrock Bass and piano £4.00 Excellent
Brahms Gipsy songs Op. 103 (English) Lengnick Vocal score £3.00 Good
Brahms How lovely are thy dwellings Novello SSAA, piano £0.50 Fair
Brahms Noenia (English) Novello Vocal score £4.50 Good
Brahms Requiem Novello Vocal score £3.50 Acceptable
Brahms Requiem Atkins Novello Vocal score £4.00 Good
Brahms Requiem Atkins (mended with tape) Novello Vocal score £3.00 Acceptable
Brahms Requiem Op.45 West & Rothery Novello Vocal score £10.00 Rare
Brahms Requiem: English version by Ivor Atkins Novello Vocal score £4.00 Fair
Brahms Rhapsody Op.53 (Rothery) Novello Vocal score £3.00 Very good.
Brahms Sonata in G (Jacobsen) Augener Violin, piano £7.00 Good
Brahms Two rhapsodies Op.79 Augener Piano 1934 £3.00 Very good
Brahms Ye who now sorrow (Requiem) Novello solo, SATB, pno £1.50 Excellent. 8 available
Bridge, Frederick Goslings, The Novello SS, piano 1952 £0.50 Fair
Britten Corpus Christi carol (high key) OUP Voice, piano 1961 £3.00 Very good
Britten Illuminations de Rimbaud Boosey Voice, piano £20.00 Excellent
Britten On this island Boosey Voice, piano £6.00 Excellent
Britten Poet's echo Faber High voice, piano £8.00 Excellent
Brown, Irving ed. Arias for bass: Vol. 2 Schirmer Bass and piano £7.00 Good
Brown, Nacio Herb Alone (A night at the Opera) Francis Voice, piano 1935 £8.00 Excellent.Pic of Marx Bros
Brown, Nacio Herb Doll dance Prowse Piano 1926 £2.00 Fair
Brown, S B Your song from paradise Boosey High voice, piano £2.00 Good
Burke, J & Dubin, A For you Feldman Voice, piano 1930 £2.50 Fair. Pic of Reginald King
Burke, Joe Kiss waltz Feldman Piano 1930 £3.00 Fair
Burleigh, H T arr Sometimes I feel like a motherless child Ricordi Low voice, piano 1918 £2.50 Key F. Some stains
Burleigh, H T arr. Nobody knows de trouble I've seen Ricordi Voice, piano 1917 £2.50 Key F. Some stains
Burnam, Edna-Mae Dozen a day: Bk.2 Elementary IMP Piano £2.00 Very good
Burnham, E-M Dozen a day Book 1: Primary Willis Piano £5.00 2 copies, NEW
Burrows, Rex Give and take Chappell Voice, piano 1949 £4.00 Good
Butler,R & Wallace,R There's a good time coming Campbell Voice, piano 1930 £4.00 Excellent
Butler,R & Wallace,R There's a good time coming Campbell Voice, piano 1930 £4.00 Good.
Campbell, Connelly Supreme Chorus Selection Campbell Piano (words) 1931 £2.00 Fragile
Carlton, Harry Where oh where do I live? Campbell Voice, piano 1927 £15.00 Very rare. Good.
Carmichael, Hoagy Georgia on my mind (pic: Frankie Laine) Campbell , C Voice, piano 1930 £4.00 Rare.
Carmichael, Hoagy I get along without you very well Victoria Voice, piano 1939 £6.00 Pic of Jane Russell
Carmichael, Hoagy My resistance is low (photo of Hoagy) Morris Voice, piano 1951 £1.50 Excellent
Carmichael, Hoagy Ole buttermilk sky Morris Voice, piano 1946 £4.00 Excellent
Carr, M & Kennedy, H Ole faithful Irwin Dash Voices, piano 1934 £1.80 Just scruffy
Carroll, Eddie Harlem rhythmic piano solo Chappell Piano £1.00 Very good
Carroll, Walter Forest fantasies (sketch by Heath Robinson) Forsyth Piano £5.00 Excellent
Carroll, Walter Sea idylls Forsyth Piano £3.00 Excellent
Carse, Adam Key of the Kingdom -Olr English Rhyme Augener Voice, piano 1923 £1.00 Good
Carse, Adam Little concert:very easy duets for small pianists Augener Book 2 One piano Bk 2 1914 £5.00 Good
Carter, Sydney Lord of the dance (Organ: A G Matthew) Galliard Voice, organ 1968 £1.00 Fair
Chase, Newell Midnight in Mayfair Irwin Dash Piano 1937 £5.00 Fair
Chausson Poeme Op.25 Breitkopf Vln, piano £4.00 Good
Ching, James Over the hills: 6 open air pieces Forsyth Piano 1926 £3.00 Very good
Chopin 15 valses Augener Piano £5.00 Fair
Chopin Home series of the great masters Prowse Piano £4.00 Good
Chopin Mazurkas Augener Piano £5.00 Heavy postage
Chopin Polonaise op. 53 arr. H Stafford Campbell Piano 1945 £1.50 Fair
Chopin Scherzos ed Louis Kohler Litolff Piano £8.00 Rare
Chopin Studies Augener Piano £9.00 Heavy but good.
Chopin Study Op. 10 no. 5 Augener Piano £1.00 Good
Chopin Waltzer (ed. Scholtz) Peters Piano £2.00 A bit tatty but ok
Chopin Waltzes Peters Piano £2.00 Acceptable
Chopin/Mario Melfi So deep is the night Prowse Voice, piano 1939 £3.00 Scruffy
Clarke, Cuthbert Lasca: musical monologue no. 145 Reynolds Piano, speaker 1916 £2.50 Fun!
Clarke, Emilie Sincerity (my friend) Key E flat Cramer Voice, piano 1903 £3.00 Very good
Cleo J'aime la musique Vol. 1 (in French) Lemoine Theory 1988 £12.00 New, unused
Clerisse, Robert Prelude et divertissement Billaudot Piano part only £1.00 Good
Coates, Eric Miniature suite Boosey Piano 1911 £5.00 Good
Coates, Eric Summer days Chappell Piano 1919 £5.00 Good
Coates, Eric To-day is ours Chappell High voice, piano £4.00 Original performing notes
Coleman, Cy If my friends could see me now Alfred SSA, piano £2.00 NEW
Coleridge-Taylor, S Lament Ricordi Low voice, piano £25.00 Good
Coleridge-Taylor, S Petite suite de concert Hawkes Piano 1916 £2.00 Fair
Coleridge-Taylor, S Petite suite de concert Hawkes Piano £1.00 Good
Coleridge-Taylor, S Petite suite de concert Hawkes Piano 1916 £2.50 Good
Coleridge-Taylor, S Scenes from an imaginary ballet: suite Winthrop Piano 1911 £4.00 Fair
Coleridge-Taylor, S Valse Suite Op 71 Augener Piano 1909 £4.00 Acceptable
Collins, Walter, arr Let him go, let him tarry Paxton Voice, piano 1945 £3.00 Very good
Colombatti, Harold Happy chiildren: 8 easy pieces Bosworth Piano £5.00 Rare. Good
Concone 15 Vokalisen Op.12 Soprano Peters Voice, piano £5.00 Good
Concone 25 lecons de chant Op.10 medium voice Peters Voice, piano £5.00 Good
Concone 25 lessons for low voice Op.10 Schirmer Voice, piano £5.00 Good
Concone 30 exercises Op.11 Soprano Peters Voice, piano £5.00 Good
Concone 40 lezioni Op.17 Bass/Baritone Ricordi Voice, piano £5.00 Unused
Concone Fifty lessons for high voice Op.9 Schirmer Voice, piano £5.00 Good
Cooke, Harrison Belle of London waltz Duncan Piano 1920 £2.00 Very nice piece
Copley, I A First Christmas day Ashdown SS, piano 1962 £1.00 2 copies. Good.
Cornelius, Peter Kings, The Novello Voice, piano £0.50 Fair
Cornelius, Peter Kings, The Novello Voice, piano £1.00 Good
Cotton, Billy Party Song Book (words) Woman's Own Words only 1960s? £1.00 Fragile
Cou, Harold de Favorite hymns for crusades & conferences Singspiration Hymnal £1.00 Good
Coward, J Munro American Organ Journal, Volume one Metzler Organ 1880 £39.00 Vol.1 only. Fair
Coward, Noel Songs to amuse Chappell Voice, piano £6.50 Excellent
Cowles, Colin Farmyard fiddler Fenton Violin, piano 1994 £4.00 Very good. No markings
Cox, H & Rickard G Sing, clap and play the recorder Bk 1 Macmillan Recorder 1981 £1.00 Good
Cropper, Bernard Valley of violets, The Lawrence Voice, piano £1.00 Fair
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Album including Deja vu Warner Voice, acc 1970 £27.00 Good
Curtis, Ernesto de Come back to Sorrento (C.Aveling) Key E maj Bideri Voice, piano 1911 £3.00 Fair
Curtis, Ernesto De Torna a Surriento: Come back to Sorrento Ricordi Voice, piano 1911 £1.00 Key C. Good.
Czerny 101 Studies and exercises Augener Piano £3.00 Good
Czerny Virtuositat Op.834 Book 2 ed. Schultze Litolff Piano £5.00 Good
Daniel, Eliot Lavender blue Sun Music Voice, piano 1948 £2.00 Scruffy but ok
D'Artega In the blue of the evening (Esther Coleman) Campbell Voice, piano £16.00 Good
Dash Song and dance album no. 6 Dash Voice, piano £1.00 Fair
Davie, Cedric T, ed Fairy lullaby Curwen SATB 1955 £1.50 As NEW 6 available
Davie, Cedric T, ed Scots Wha Hae Curwen SATB 1955 £1.50 As NEW 6 available
Davies, H Walford Harvest home Deane Voices, piano 1908 £1.00 Very good
Davies, H Walford Noel of the birds Chappell Voices, piano £1.50 Scruffy but rare
Davies, H Walford Shepherd, The Novello SSA, piano 1900 £1.00 Fair
Davis, B & Conrad, C Lonesome and sorry Feldman Voice, piano 1926 £5.00 Good
Dawe, Margery New road to string playing Cello Book 1 Cramer Cello 1954 £1.50 Very good.
Dean, Joan Stringaway Dean Violin 1994 £1.00 Fair
Debussy Ariettes oubliees Ex-library Voice, piano £3.00 Pages 1 & 2 missing
Debussy Clair de lune Jobert Piano 1927 £1.00 Acceptable
Debussy Saxophone album arr. J Rae UE Saxophone 1985 £2.00 Good. No part; score only
Dee, Eddie Pride of Erin Feldman Piano 1948 £2.00 Good
Denham, Frank Little man selection Chappell Piano 1934 £3.00 Good
Devaux, Alfred Rossini operas: Semiradime,Barbiere, Cenerentola Cramer Piano 1838 £50.00 Collectable; fair
Diamond, Neil Song sung blue KPM Voice, piano 1972 £4.50 Excellent
Diller-Quaile First duet book Hawkes One piano 1918 £4.00 Good
Diller-Quaile Second duet book Hawkes One piano 1919 £4.00 Good
Dominguez, Alberto Frenesi: cancion tropical Southern Voice, piano £3.00 Good
Donato, E Julian Ricordi Voice, piano 1925 £2.00 Scruffy
Dotzauer, J J F 113 cello etuden Book 2 (nos.35-62) Litolff Cello £9.00 Rare. Fair
Douglas, Michael J Jazz appeal: 20 more easy tunes Simrock Saxophone solo £3.00 Good
Dresser, Paul On the banks of the Wabash Feldman Voice, piano 1942 £3.00 Excellent
Drummond, Frederick Gay highway, The Cary Voice, piano £3.00 Good
Dubois, Paul Shadow waltz Chappell Piano 1954 £5.00 Very good
Duckworth, Francis 18 original hymn tunes Self Various 1924 £1.00 Good
Dunhill, Thomas F Elsie Marley and The Cow E Arnold Voice, piano 1918 £1.00 Good
Dupre, Denis La Cascade Hammond Piano £1.00 Fair
Durand Valse op. 83 Durand Piano 1936 £3.00 Fair
Dvorak Album of pianoforte works Simrock Piano £3.00 Collectable
Dyson, George Pedlar's song, The E Arnold Voice, piano 1922 £1.00 Very good
Dyson, George Praise Arnold Voice, piano 1919 £1.00 Good
Elgar Dance, The Williams SS, piano 15 copies for £8.00 Good
Elgar Dream of Gerontius (English/German words) Novello Vocal score 1978 £8.00 2 copies available
Elgar Dream of Gerontius (English/German words) Novello Vocal score £4.00 A bit scruffy but OK.
Elgar Elgar organ album Book 1 Novello Organ 1977 £2.00 Fair
Elgar Sea pictures Boosey Voice, piano £6.00 Good
Ellington, Duke It don't meana thing arr. T Anderson Belwin SA, piano, drums £1.95 As new
Elliott, Percy May days and grey days: four contrasts Leonard, Gould Piano 1916 £1.00 Poor
Evans, Tolchard Every step towards Killarney Lennox Voice, piano 1925 £2.00 Rare, fine.
Evans, Tolchard Let's go to Jericho Lennox Voice, piano 1926 £4.00 Good
Fairman, G Worryin' (waltz ballad) Campbell Voice, piano 1928 £9.00 Excellent
Falconer, Clarence Linden tree, The Chappell SS, piano 1953 £1.00 Good
Fall, L Dollar Princess Waltz arr. C Kiefert Ascherberg Piano 1909 £2.00 Good
Farjeon, Harry Pictures from Greece op.13 Augener Piano £5.00 Good
Faure Cantique de Jean Racine Novello Vocal score £1.20 Good
Faure Requiem Hamelle Vocal score £5.00 Good
Faure Requiem Hamelle Vocal score £3.00 Good
Faure Vingt melodies, Book 1 French High voice, piano £5.00 Usuable
Feldman 29th dance album Feldman Piano £1.50 Fair
Feldman 31st dance album Feldman Piano £1.50 Fair
Feldman Parade of tangos Feldman Voice, piano 1961 £6.00 Good
Feldman Parade of waltzes Feldman Voice, piano 1959 £6.00 Good
Ferrao, P April in Portugal Chappell Voice, piano 1953 £3.00 Pic of Leslie Howard
Feuillard, L R Daily exercises for violincello Schott Cello £7.00 Fair
Fields, A & Hall, F 11 more months & 10 more days Campbell Voice, piano 1930 £2.00 Rare
Fisher, Fred Happy days and lonely nights Lawrence Voice, piano 1928 £3.00 Good
Flanders & Swann SEE Swann, Donald
Fleming, Tom Ultimate guitar tutor with CD Faber Guitar 2007 £5.00 NEW
Flynn, John H Yip-i-addy-i-ay Chappell Voice, piano £10.00 Excellent
Forster, Dorothy Rose in the bud (E flat) Chappell Voice, piano 1907 £3.00 Good
Foster, Stephen Oh! Lemuel Lawson SATB, piano 1954 £8.00 For 10 copies
Fox, George Hark! how sweetly the bells (plus other music) Novello.SMR19 2 voices, piano £1.00 Good. 4 copies available
Francis & Day 43rd album (inc. Mellow moon) Francis Voice, piano 1922 £1.00 Fair
Francis & Day 49th album (inc. Broadway melody) Francis Voice, piano 1929 £1.00 Fair.Cover loose
Francis & Day Community Song Album no. 1 Francis Various £5.00 Good
Francis & Day Community Song Album no. 2 Francis Various £5.00 Good
Francis & Day Community Song Album no. 5 Francis Various £5.00 Good
Francis & Day Community Song Album no. 6 Francis Various £5.00 Good
Francis & Day New charleston album Francis Piano 1925 £2.00 Good
Francis & Day New for-trot album Francis, Day Piano 1925 £8.00 Good
Francis & Day Square dance instructions.. Francis, Day Piano £10.00 Good. Cover loose
FreeChurchChoirUnion 43rd annual festival concert at Crystal Palace Novello SATB 1936 £3.00 Good. 2 copies
Friend, C& Franklin D When my dream boat comes home Witmark Voice, piano £2.00 Good
Friend, Cliff June night Feist 2 voices, piano 1924 £2.00 Lovely cover
Friml, R Rose Marie piano selection Chappell Piano £1.50 Fair
Friml/Hammerstein Door of her dreams (Rose Marie) Chappel Voice, piano 1924 £10.00 Rare
Gardner, J Will you sing a song SEE Fox, George
Gauntlett, Mildred 50 Christmas carols (Diamond music books) Boosey Hymnal £2.50 Fair
Geehl, Henry Ladye Greensleeves (Beautiful month of May) Ashdown Voice, piano £1.00 Good. 4 copies available
Genaro,P & Skylar,S You're breaking my heart Chappell Voice, piano 1948 £4.00 Pic of Harry Gold
German, Edward Gipsy suite: 4 characteristic dances Novello Piano 4 hands 1895 £4.00 Acceptable
German, Edward Merrie England (small score version) Chappell Vocal score 1903 £6.00 Scruffy but ok
German, Edward Merrie England Final Ed, choruses only Chappell Vocal score 1903 £3.00 Good. 2 copies available
German, Edward Merrie England: Four dances Chappell 4 hands, 1 piano 1902 £5.00 Very good
German, Edward Rolling down to Rio Novello SATB, piano 1918 £1.00 Good
German, Edward Three dances Nell Gwyn Chappell Piano duet 1900 £2.50 Very good
German, Edward Tom Jones Chappell Vocal score £6.00 Scruffy but OK
Gershwin Melody from Rhapsody in Blue Chappell Piano 1925 £18.00 Collectable
Gershwin arr. Chinn Gershwin for girls: a medley Alfred SSA, piano £2.50 NEW
Gibbs, C Armstrong Oxen cribbed in barn and byre Boosey Unison, piano 1944 £1.00 Good
Gibbs, C Armstrong Spring OUP 2 voices, piano 1925 £1.00 Good
Giordano, Umberto Andrea Chenier (English & Italian) Sonzogno Vocal score H/b £35.00 Collectable
Goodhart, Al Better not roll those blue, blue eyes Crawford Voice, piano 1942 £2.00 Good
Gordon, Irving Allentown jail Bourne Voice, piano 1951 £4.00 Lita Rosa on cover
Gounod Death & Life (Mors et vita) (in English) Kalmus Vocal score £25.00 As new
Gounod To spring (Au printemps) (English) Choudens Sop/Ten/piano £5.00 Collectable
Graham, Richard To Harriet Self Baritone, piano 1992 £1.00 Unused
Greenberg,Silver et al C'est vous (It's you) from: Bow-Wows Campbell Voice, piano 1927 £12.00 Quite good
Grey, Chauncey You're the one I care for Campbell Voice, piano £6.00 Collectable
Grieg 4 songs in German and English Peters Voice, piano £1.00 Taken from album
Grieg 6 melodies: French text only Peters Voice, piano £10.00 Rare
Grieg An den Fruhling Op. 43 no. 6 Peters Piano £1.00 Fair
Grieg Sea song Op. 61, no. 1 Augener Unison, piano £1.00 Good
Grieg Sonata no. 7 Augener Piano £3.00 Good
Grover, J Maynard My mouse Augener Voice, piano 1936 £1.00 Very good
Grover, J Maynard On counting sheep Augener Voice, piano 1934 £1.00 2 copies available
Gunning, C & Lyons, G Really easy trumpet book, The Faber Piano part only £1.00 Fair
Gurlitt, C Celandine Op. 215, no. 5 Augener Piano 1896 £1.00 Fair
Gurlitt, C Sonatinas,3, op. 188, Set One J Williams Piano 1892 £2.00 Good
Gusman, Meyer Underneath the Russian moon Campbell Voice, piano 1929 £4.00 Good
Hall, Pauline Piano time 2 OUP Piano tutor £7.00 NEW
Hand, Colin Come and play Book 1 OUP Recorder, piano 1959 £3.00 Good. No markings
Handel Acis & Galatea ed J. Barnby Novello Vocal score £3.00 Good
Handel Art thou troubled? Novello Voice, piano £1.00 Good. 2 copies available
Handel Judas Maccabaeus (John E West) Novello Vocal score £5.00 Very good
Handel Judas Maccabeus Pocket edition Novello Score £1.00 Good
Handel Messiah (Prout) Novello Vocal score £4.00 Good 2 copies available
Handel O lovely peace (Judas Maccabeua) Banks 2 voices, piano £1.00 Good
Handel Silent worship Curwen 2 voices, piano 1949 £1.00 Fair
Handel Silent worship Curwen Voice, piano 1928 £0.50 Fair
Handel Sonata da camera II (B.XXVII) (Krause) Weinholtz Vln,Cello,Piano £10.00 Good
Handel Spring Curwen Voice, piano 1928 £1.00 Good
Handel Ten organ arrangements Book 2 Novello Organ £8.00 Very good
Handel Where e'er you walk (Lloyd Webber arr) Ascherberg 2 voices, piano 1963 £1.00 Good
Handel Where-e'er you walk Freeman Voice, piano £0.50 Fair. 3 copies available
Handel Where'er you walk (School songs series) Novello Voice, piano, Ab £1.00 Fair
Hanley,J & Dowling,E Sleepy valley Chappell Voice, piano 1928 £4.00 Very good
Harris, Cuthbert Tarantelle no. 2 in C major Warren Piano 1932 £1.00 Fair
Harris, Paul Improve your scales! Violin Grade 4 Faber Violin 1996 £2.00 Unused but bumped
Harris, Paul Improve your sight-reading Grade 5 Faber Violin £5.00 NEW
Harrison, John Up in the hills: 6 holiday pieces Larway Piano £3.00 Excellent
Hart, Pitman Christmas carols: second selection Hart Hymnal £0.80 15 carols. Fair condition.
Harvey, R M While shepherds watch'd their flocks Augener SSA, piano 1910 £1.00 Rare but foxed
Hatton, John, ed Songs of England, The: Royal ed. Vol.1 Boosey Voice, piano £5.00 Fair. Page 1 missing
Haydn Creation Novello Vocal score £3.00 Good.
Haydn Creation (Vincent Novello) hardback Novello Vocal score £4.00 Fair
Haydn Favourite compositions (Star Edition) Paxton Piano 1934 £9.00 Fair
Haydn Missa solemnis in Bb (Harmoniemesse) Schirmer Vocal score £7.00 As new
Haydn Sting quartet in E major (E F Schmid) Barenreiter Score and parts 1936 £12.00 Good
Head, Michael Foxgloves Boosey Voice, piano 1938 £3.00 Key of A flat
Head, Michael Funny fellow, A Boosey 2 voices, piano 1941 £1.00 Good. 2 copies available
Heath, Edward, ed Carols: joy of Christmas Sidgwick Hymnal 1977 £120.00 Signed + letters
Hellendaal, Peter Solo for the v/cello (Willem Pijper) OUP Cello, piano 1928 £15.00 Rare, good copy
Heller, Stephen Dan les bois: 6 reveries number 5. Addison Piano 1855 £18.00 Rare, good.
Heller, Stephen Fantasie from Charles VI Op. 37 Breitkopf Piano £8.00 Rare
Heller, Stephen Restless nights: 18 morceaux lyriques Bk 3 Wessel Piano 1857 £20.00 Rare, v.g.c
Henry, J Harold Slave dance arabesque Bosworth Piano 1918 £1.00 Small tear but ok
Herbert, Victor Ah! Sweet mystery of life (Naughty Marietta) Feldman Voice, piano 1910 £10.00 Excellent
Herfurth, C P Tune a day for cello: Book 1 Chappell Cello 1937 £3.00 Good
Herfurth, C P Tune a day for violin: Book 1 Chappell Violin 1933 £2.00 Good, unmarked
Herscher, L & Gilbert, J Dream Daddy Lawrence Voice, piano 1923 £2.00 Slightly tatty
Hervelois, Caix de Suite 1 in A (Schroeder) Augener Cello, piano £20.00 Rare, good copy
Hewitt, Garth Garth Hewitt songbook Word Voice, piano 1975 £1.00 Good
Heykens, J Standchen Op. 21 Feldman Piano 1920 £2.00 Separate pages
Heyne, Joe Petite Waltz (photo of Sidney Torch) Leeds Piano £3.00 Excellent
Hicks, Mary Comin' thro' the rye Ashdown 2 voices, piano 1963 £0.50 Fair
Higgins, Esther More intros, breaks, fill-ins, endings Hansen Organ 1963 £2.00 Good
Holst How mighty are the Sabbaths Winthrop Voice, piano £1.00 Good. 2 copies available
Holst Song of the lumbermen Arnold 2 voices, piano 1918 £1.00 Fair
Holwede, Hans von Creative organist, The Book 1 Porter Heaps Organ 1966 £2.50 Fair
Hooper, C R Easy clarinet tunes Usborne Clarinet £2.00 Good. Hardback
Hope, Brian Jasmine Elkin Piano 1918 £2.00 Good
Hornby Skewes Family chord organ book Book 1 Skewes Chord organ £4.00 Good
Hornby Skewes Family chord organ book Book 2 Skewes Chord organ £4.00 Good
Hornby Skewes Family chord organ book Book 3 Skewes Chord organ £4.00 Good
Hough, A Le Reve (Romance sans paroles) Walsh Piano £2.00 Excellent
Howells, Herbert Garland for de la Mare Thames Voice, piano £9.95 New, unused
Howells, Herbert Gogy-o-gay Deane 2 voices, piano 1920 £1.00 Good
Hunt, Edgar (ed.) Classical album. 20 pieces transcribed Schott 2 recorders, piano 1939 £4.00 Excellent, with part.
Ireland, John Looking on Curwen Voice, piano 1949 £1.00 Good.
Ireland, John Sonata for violincello & piano Augener Cello, piano 1924 £10.00 Very good.
Jacob, Gordon Rondino in modo classico Augener Cello, piano 1937 £9.00 Very good. OP
Jacobi, Victor On Miami shore Chappell Voice, piano 1919 £6.00 Collectable
Jacques, R ed Lark in the clear air OUP SSA unacc. 23 copies for £12.00 Fair, good
James, William G Stock-Rider's song (from 6 Aus.bush songs) Ricordi Voice, piano 1922 £3.00 Good
Jenkyns, Peter Owls, The Novello Voice, piano 1963 £0.50 Fair
Jervis-Read, H V Forest idylls: 3 tone pictures Forsyth Piano 1906 £3.00 Very good. RARE
Jolson, A & Rose, B There's a rainbow round my shoulder Francis Voice, piano 1928 £1.00 Small tear
Jones, Isham My castle in Spain: fox-trot song Leo Feist Voice, piano 1925 £1.00 Good, back page loose
Kabalevsky Album of pieces for young cellists Inst.Soviet Composers Cello, piano 1985 £6.00 Good
Kaempfert, Bert Strangers in the night (Key F) Champion Voice, piano 1966 £2.00 Good
Kahn, G I'll see you in my dreams (pic of Doris Day) Francid, Day Voice, piano 1924 £3.00 Good. Rare
Kahn, G That certain party Francis Voice, piano 1925 £2.00 Good
Kaper, B Hi-lili, hi-lo Francis, Day Voice, piano 1952 £3.00 Good
Keith Prowse 4th Song and dance album Prowse Voice, piano 1930/1 £6.00 Pic of Gracie Fields
Keith Prowse 5th selection of popular song successes Prowse Piano (words) 1932 £3.00 Good
Kerker, Gustave The belle of New York Vocal score £4.00 Scruffy but OK
Kern Showboat: Choral selections SSA Hal Leonard SSA, piano £2.00 Very good. 3 copies
Kern, J Cat and the fiddle: piano selection Harms/Chappell Piano 1931 £12.00 Fair. Rare
Kern, J Last time I saw Paris (Taylor & Johnson) Chappell Voice, piano 1940 £6.00 Rare photo
Kern, J Long ago and far away Chappell Voice, piano 1944 £1.50 Good
Kern, J Smoke gets in your eyes Chappell Voice, piano 1953 £4.00 Rare copy
Ketelbey In a monastery garden Larway Piano 1915 £1.50 Fair. Covered
Ketelbey In a monastery garden Larway Piano (SATB) 1915 £1.00 Good
Ketelbey Sanctuary of the heart Bosworth Piano 1924 £3.50 Good
Ketelbey Sanctuary of the heart Bosworth SS, piano 1955 £1.00 Good
Kimpton, Geoffrey One hard look Self Voice, piano 1996 £1.00 Good
King, Irving More we are together, The King Voice, piano 1926 £1.00 Damaged but historic
King, Pee Wee Slow coach Chappell Voice, piano £1.00 Terrible!
Kinkel, C Snowdrop polka Ascherberg Piano £1.00 Scruffy
Kinkel, Charles Home sweet home Price Reynolds Piano £1.00 Fair
Krogman, C W In the woodland spring Op. 35 no. 12 B F Wood Piano £1.00 Fair
Kullak School of octaves: Part one Augener Piano 1913 £6.00 Excellent
Lane, Gerald Carmencita Hopkinson Voice, piano 1893 £2.00 Front cover missing
Last, Joan Call of the river Bosworth Piano 1950 £5.00 Original cover
Le Fleming, C Smuggler's song, A OUP Voice, piano 1950 £1.00 Good
Lehar Land of smiles: piano selection Chapell Piano 1931 £4.00 Rare. Fair
Leoncavallo Pagliacci (English & Italian) Ascherberg Vocal score £9.00 Excellent
Leon-Towers-Robins Goodbye, Hawaii Feldman Voice, piano 1944 £2.00 Professional copy
Leslie, E & Burke, J On treasure island Campbell Voice, piano 1935 £4.00 Rare
Levant, O My dream memory (from Street Girl) Chappell Voice, piano 1929 £4.00 Good
Levine, I & Brown, L R Say, has anybody seen my sweet gypsy rose Schroeder Voice, piano 1973 £2.00 Good
Lincke, Paul Beautiful spring: valse Hawkes Piano £1.00 Good
Liszt 2 Concert studies ed. Thumer Augener Piano £3.00 Fair
Liszt Consolations Augener Piano £2.50 Very good
Livingston, Jerry Stowaway arr. Warrington Morris Parts for 12 1955 £2.00 Good
Livingston,J & Evans,R Tammy Macmelodies Voice, piano 1956 £1.00 Good
Lloyd Webber, A Cats: songs from the musical Faber Vocal score 1981 £5.00 Good
Lloyd Webber, A No matter what (Whistle down the wind) Really Useful Voice, piano 1996 £2.00 Good
Lloyd, C H, ed Kitty of Coleraine Novello SATB 1909 £1.00 Good. 5 available
Loeb, J J Masquerade (waltz song) Francis Voice, piano 1932 £5.00 Really lovely
Loeillet Sonata in G minor (Schroeder) Augener Cello, piano £5.00 Good
Loeschhorn Progressive studies Op.66 Book 4 Augener Piano £6.00 Good
Loewe, F Almost like being in love (Brigadoon) Sam Fox Voice, piano £5.00 Rare 1st ed
Loewe, F Get me to the church on time Chappell Voice, piano 1956 £2.50 Proof copy
Lohr, F N Merry songs for merry little singers Reynolds Voice, piano £3.00 Collectable
Lohr, Hermann Little grey home in the west (Key C) Chappell Voice, piano 1911 £6.00 Excellent for its age
London College Music Popular music vocals Grades 1 - 8 LCM Voice £8.00 As new
Lons, Hermann Der kleine rosengarten - folksongs Diederich Voice, piano 1924 £15.00 Very good, collectable
Lully Lonely woods Novello Voice, piano £1.00 Good. 3 copies available
Lutgen Vocalises Vol. 1 Medium voice Schirmer Voice, piano £5.00 As new
Luvass, N ed. Song of the lumberjack Birchard SATB 1945 £1.00 8 copies available
Lynn, Litta Rainy day: cycle/ 12 duets/teacher &pupil Wood Piano 4 hands 1914 £4.00 Good
Lyons, Graham New alto sax solos Useful Saxophone £1.00 Fair
Lyons, Graham New alto sax solos: Book 2 Useful Piano part only £1.00 Good
Lyons, Graham Useful violin solos Useful Violin, piano 1987 £4.00 Good
Macdowell, E To a wild rose arr. Thiman Elkin 2 voices, piano 1958 £1.00 Good
MacDowell, E Woodland sketches Book 2 Elkin Piano £4.50 Good
MacDowell, Edward Woodland sketches Scmidt Piano 1899 £12.00 Good
MacMahon New national and folk song book Part 1 Nelson Piano copy £6.00 Good condition
Macpherson, Charles ed. New cathedral psalter chants for village use Novello Hymnal 1909 £3.00 As new
Mahon, George It's a wonderful world after all Unit Voice, piano 1948 £1.00 Poor
Marais, Marin Five old French dances Chester Cello, piano 1917 £10.00 Good
Marcel, Georg Summer holiday Banks Piano £1.00 Fair
Marcello, B 2 sonatas: 4 & 1 arr. Piatti Simrock Cello, piano 1931 £4.00 Good
Markham Lee, E Wide awake Lengnick Violin, piano 1921 £1.50 Good
Martin, Easthope Come to the fair Enoch 2 voices, piano 1924 £1.00 Good
Martin, G C I sing the birth Novello No.55 SATB, piano 1928 £0.50 Fair
Mason, Gerry Say a little prayer. Key F major Ascherberg Voice, piano 1941 £3.00 Excellent
Matthay, Tobias Elves: impromtu Weekes Piano 1911 £3.00 Good
Maunder, J H Olivet to Calgary Novello Vocal score £2.00 Good
May, Valerie Song of the highway Norman Reed Voice, piano 1930 £4.00 Rare, good
McNaught, W G arr Popular Christmas carols arr for two part Novello No 188 SA, piano £1.00 Fair. 12 carols
Mellor, Tom Mister Gollywog, good night Paxton Voice, piano £2.50 Unique!
Mendelssohn Elijah (1903 edition) Novello Vocal score £2.50 Fair
Mendelssohn, Felix 13th psalm Novello SATB piano £5.00 Good
Mendelssohn, Felix Elijah Novello Vocal score £12.00 Hardback
Mendelssohn, Felix Hear my prayer (ed. Frange) Lareine Sop,piano,Vln,Cello £1.50 Fair
Mendelssohn, Felix Lieder ohne worte Books 1 - 6 Ashdown Piano £3.00 Stained cover but OK
Mendelssohn, Felix Midsummer night's dream overture Manuscript Violin 2 part only £0.50 Good for sight reading
Mendelssohn, Felix Songs without words ed. Germer Bosworth Piano £3.00 Fair
Mendelssohn, Felix St Paul (pocket edition) Novello Score £2.00 Good
Merci, Luidgi Sonata in A minor, Op.3 no.6 Ed. Bergmann Schott Cello, piano 1971 £6.00 Excellent
Meyer, Frederic Pianoforte etudes, second album, part 2 Lengnick Piano 1906 £3.00 Good
Millocker,C & Carter, D I give my heart Chappell Voice, piano 1932 £2.00 Small tear
Moeller Evensong (Abendlied) Bosworth 2 voices, piano 1954 £1.00 Good
Moeller Happy Wanderer (just English words) Bosworth Voice, piano 1954 £1.50 Good.
Moeller Happy Wanderer (Welsh & German words Bosworth Voice, piano £1.00 Fair
Moffat, A Chant de Berceau Lengnick Violin, piano 1904 £1.50 Good
Monaco, James V You made me love you (Jolson sings again) Francis, Day Voice, piano 1913 £4.00 Very good, rare
Monckton, Lionel Country girl, A Chappell Vocal score £5.00 Fair
Monteverdi Lasciate mi morire arr. Redlich Schott SSATB, piano 1956 £1.00 Good. 2 copies available
Monti Czardas no. 1 Ricordi Piano 1929 £1.00 Good
Moon & Holt Stars all bright are beaming Clowes Hymnal type £0.50 Single sheet
Moore, Daisy Chestnut time Paxton Piano 1923 £2.00 Fair. Lovely cover
Moret, N & Black, B Moonlight and roses (after Lemare) Francis, Day Voice, piano £2.50 Excellent
Morley, T It was a lover and his lass Novello 2 voices, piano 1921 £1.00 Good
Morley, T My bonny lass she smileth (ed. Leslie) Novello 5 voices, piano £1.00 Excellent
Morley, T Now is the month of maying Musical Times 5 voices £1.00 Excellent
Morris, Miriam Key approach to cello playing Chappell Cello 1976 £8.00 As new
Moy, Edgar Countryside sketches: suite Banks Piano 1935 £1.00 Fair
Mozart 20 sonatas (Urtext) Book 1 (separate parts) Breitkopf Violin, piano 1950 £15.00 Good
Mozart 20 sonatas (Urtext) Book 2 (separate parts) Breitkopf Violin, piano 1950 £15.00 Good
Mozart Alleluja Novello High voice, piano £1.00 Good
Mozart Alleluja Ashdown High voice, piano £1.50 Good. 2 copies available
Mozart Concert arias for bass and orchestra Breitkopf 6450 Bass, piano+ £20.00 As new
Mozart First concerto (Flute player's journal 2nd series) Carte Flute, piano 1891 £10.00 Good
Mozart Larghetto (from K581) arr. H Withers Schott Cello, piano £3.00 Fair
Mozart Minuet in E flat Lengnick 4 hands, 1 piano 1938 £1.00 Good
Mozart Quartets:Vln,Va,Cello, Piano: No.1:Gm.No.2:Eb Peters Vln,Va,Cello,Piano £15.00 Complete
Mozart Sonata K.545 in C (no.16) Augener Piano £1.50 Good
Mozart Voi che sapete Ascherberg High voice, piano £2.00 Good
Mulligan, Gerry Sletch-orks: designed for small groups Criterion Various 1957 £4.00 Good
Murray, Alan The bird's philosophy Chappell Voice, piano £3.00 Excellent
Mussorgsky, Modest Boris Godunov Kalmus Vocal score £45.00 Pristine condition
Myers, Sherman Cupid on the cake Lennox Voice, piano 1930 £5.00 Gorgeous cover
Myers, Sherman When the lights are low in Cairo Lennox Voice, piano 1927 £4.00 Very good
Nelson, Havelock I wonder when I shall be married Roberton SSA 21 copies for £10.00 Used, good
Nelson, Havelock Kitty Magee Ascherberg S, A, piano 9 copies for £2.00 Fair
Nelson, Sheila Pairs: easy duets for cello groups B & H Cellos 1980 £5.00 As new
Netson, James Greatest mistake of my life Irwin Dash Voice, piano 1937 £1.50 Good
Nevin, Ethelbert Album for pianoforte Book 2 Schott Piano £6.00 Collectable
Nevin, Ethelbert Rosary, the Kreisler transcription for violin Allan Violin, piano 1917 £4.00 Good
Newton, E arr. Jolly tinker (17thC song) Cramer Voice, piano 1924 £2.50 Good. Key of Bb
Newton, Ernest Smugglers of Romney Marsh Banks Piano 1930 £5.00 Good but torn cover
Nicholls, Horatio Adeline Lawrence Voice, piano 1930 £3.00 Very good
Nicholls, Horatio City of laughter, city of tears Lawrence Voice, piano £1.00 Fair
Nicholls, Horatio Sahara Lawrence Voices, piano 1924 £1.00 Tatty but usable
Nicholls, Horatio Speak tho' you only say farewell Lawrence Voice, piano 1926 £2.00 OK
Noble, Ray Love is the sweetest thing Francis Voice, piano 1932 £4.00 Rare 1st ed
Noel, Art I wonder why Cinephonic Voice, piano 1943 £2.00 2 copies available
Noel, Art If you ever go to Ireland Cinephonic Voice, piano 1944 £2.50 Good
Novello, Ivor Song album Chappell Voice, piano £7.00 Excellent.
Novello, Ivor Song album Chappell Voice, piano £5.00 Good. 5 songs included
O'Connor, Shamus Macnamara's band Larway Voice, piano £2.00 Excellent
Offenbach Barcarolle arr D Magnus Cramer Piano £3.00 Good
Offer, C Carols & Xmas songs from other lands Bk.2 Paxton Hymnal type 1968 £1.50 Good
Offer, C Carols & Xmas songs from other lands Bk.3 Paxton Hymnal type 1969 £1.50 Fair
O'Hara, Geoffrey I sing a song of the saints of God Ascherberg Voice, piano 1944 £1.00 Good
Oliver, Joe Sugar foot stomp (Dippermouth blues) H Darewski Voice, piano 1926 £3.00 Good
Padilla, J Valencia Salabert Voice, piano 1925 £2.00 Good, back page loose
Palmer, E & Best, A Twelve tunes for technique: First book OUP Violin, piano 1951 £4.50 Fair
Palmer, E & Best, A Twelve tunes for technique: Second book OUP Violin, piano 1951 £4.50 Fair
Palmer, King Silent night - Deanna Durbin cover Paxton Voice, piano £1.00 A bit scruffy but playable
Panofka 12 vocalizzi d'artista Op. 86 - Soprano/Mezzo Ricordi Voice, piano £9.00 As new. 2 copies
Panofka 24 vocalizzi Op.81 LOW voice Ricordi Voice, piano £12.00 Good
Panofka 24 vocalizzi Op.81 LOW voice Ricordi Voice, piano £15.00 As new
Panofka 24 vocalizzi progressivi Op.85 Ricordi Voice, piano £10.00 Very good
Parkinson, John A Two old German part songs OM38 OUP SSATB 1961 £1.00 13 copies available
Parry, C H H England (John O' Gaunt's verse) Deane Voice, piano £1.00 Fair. 2 copies available
Pearce, C W Useful voluntaries arranged for the organ Bk 1 Vincent Organ 1902 £3.00 Tatty cover but OK
Pearsall, R L de When Allen-a-dale Novello 4 voices £1.00 Good
Penn, Arthur Smilin' through (Eb) Feldman Voice, piano 1918 £4.00 Good
Pether, Henry (arr) Old music hall memories Francis Piano (words) 1931 £1.00 Fair
Pischna 60 exercices progressifs (Wolff, Riemann) Steingraber Piano £8.00 Good
Poldini, Ed Poupee valsante Ricordi Piano £0.50 Good
Popular Music and dancing weekly. Feb 16th, 1924 Popular Magazine format 1924 £3.00 Scruffy
Porter, Cole In the still of the night Chappell Voice, piano 1937 £2.00 Good
Porter, Cole Kiss me Kate: piano selection Chappell Piano £5.00 Rare; good
Poston, Elizabeth Carol of the crown Boosey Voice, piano 1953 £1.00 Good
Poulenc Sonata for clarinet and piano Chester Clarinet, piano 1963 £10.00 Good
Primrose, Joe St. James Infirmary Gotham Voice, piano £2.00 Good
Prisker, F & Mills, A When we're home sweet home again Macmelodies Voice, piano 1941 £3.00 Good
Puccini Gianni Schicchi Ricordi Vocal score £15.00 Excellent
Puccini La boheme: selections by Charles Godfrey Ricordi Piano reduction 1904 £5.00 Good
Purcell, H Sarabanda & Gavotte arr. Moffat Augener Cello, piano £5.00 Very good
Purcell, H The blessed virgin's expostulation Schott Voice, piano £1.50 Fair
Purcell, H arr Holst Shepherd, shepherd, leave your labours Novello SS, piano £1.00 Fair
Rachmaninov To the children (Newmarch) Hawkes Voice, piano £2.00 Good, slight foxing
Raff, Joachim Raff-album: favorite pieces Bk.1 ed Thumer Augener Piano £5.00 Good
Ramsay, Harold Her name is Mary Chappell Voice, piano £5.00 Excellent for its age
Rance, Hero de Homeward Lawrence Voice, piano 1944 £1.00 Fair
Rand/Welch Lullaby Land David Toff Voice, piano £1.00 Reasonable
Rapee, E & Pollack, L Diane (I'm in heaven when I see you smile) Sherman Voice, piano 1927 £2.00 Scruffy edges
Rasbach, Oscar Trees Chappell Voice, piano 1922 £3.00 Good
Rathbone, G Pigeons Curwen Voice, piano £1.00 Fair
Ray, Johnnie Little white cloud that cried Spier Voice, piano 1951 £2.00 Fair
Read, Ezra Bumper album for pianoforte Paxton Piano 1932 £2.00 Good
Rebikov Miscellaneous short pieces (ABRSM 34) ABRSM Piano 1984 £5.00 Good
Redhead, Alfred 12 original compositions Forsyth Organ/harmonium £2.00 Good
Reed, W L Treasury of Christmas music Blandford Mixed 1956 £5.00 Very good
Revell, Peter Summer evening Ashdown Voice, piano £3.00 Lovely song
Ridley, S Claude Silver gondola: fairy sketch for piano Leonard Piano £3.00 Good
Rieding, O Concertino in D, op. 25 Bosworth Violin, piano 1907 £2.50 Good
Rieding, O Concerto in B minor, op.35 Bosworth Violin, piano 1907 £2.50 Good
Roberton, H Westering home Curwen 2 voices, piano 1956 £1.00 Fair. 2 copies available
Roberton, Hugh Cherry Ripe Curwen SSA unacc. 18 copies for £9.00 Used
Roberton, Hugh Hush-a-ba birdie - 20 copies Curwen SSA 20 copies for £1.00 Authorised copy
Roberton, Hugh, ed Dashing white sergeant Curwen SATB 1944 £1.00 Good. 5 available
Roberts, Lucky Moonlight cocktail Chappell Voice, piano £2.50 Good
Robson, R Walker Thou hast a work for me to do Novello SATB 1936 £1.00 10 copies available
Rodgers, R Carousel: vocal selections Williamson Voice, piano £5.00 Very good
Rodgers, R King and I: Souvenir folio edition Williamson Voice, piano £5.00 Excellent
Rodgers, R Out of my dreams Banks SSA & piano 4 copies for £2.00 Good, holes punched
Rodgers, R Younger than springtime Williamson 2 voices, piano £1.00 Good
Rodgers, Sarah Acacia tree Self pub. Voice, piano £1.00 Separate sheets
Rodwell, Bryan In a sentimental mood: 8 pieces for all organs Boosey Organ 1975 £2.00 Good
Romberg Desert song, The Chappell Voice, piano £1.00 Fair
Romberg, B Concertino for violincello & piano Op.51 Ed. Lebell Augener Cello, piano £20.00 Good
Romberg, ed.Coward Toy Symphony Piano & others £3.00 Interesting
Rose, Peter de Have you ever been lonely? Lawrence Voice, piano 1933 £1.50 Scruffy
Ross, Marshall Any old time Swan Voice, piano 1952 £3.00 Rare
Rosse, F Suite of music ... Merchant of Venice Hawkes Piano (voice) 1905 £1.00 Fair
Rossini L'Inganno felice Musicali Otos Vocal score P/b £10.00 Good
Rossini Stabat Mater Novello Vocal score P/b £4.00 Good
Roubier, Henri Marche des troubadours Walsh Piano £6.00 Good
Rowley, Alec Shepherds loud their praises singing OUP SATB, organ 1951 £1.50 Excellent
Roze, Raymond Wedding march from Henry V Boston Music Organ 1910 £2.00 Rare!
Russell, Kennedy Vesper time: descriptive intermezzo Ashdown Piano 1914 £3.00 Fair
Rutter, J Nice young maidens OUP SATB £1.00 Fair
Rutter, J Shepherd's pipe carol (shortened version) OUP Voice, piano 1969 £1.00 Fair
Sadleir, Dick Famous tunes for the chord organ Campbell Conn Chord organ 1960 £1.00 Fair
Saint-George, Georges L'ancien regime. 1st suite Augener Violin, piano 1915 £4.00 Fair
Saint-Saens Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix ed Roques Durand Piano 1911 £5.00 Fair
Sammartini, G B Sonata in G arr. Moffat Schott Cello, piano 1911 £6.00 Very good
Sankey, Ira D Sacred songs & solos Nos. 1 & 2 combined Morgan & Scott Hymnal £1.00 Scruffy.
Schafer, Christian Country dance: 6 pieces Op.100, no.2 Augener Piano £1.50 Good
Schafer, Christian Streamlet (Young folks, Op.85, no. 5) Augener Piano £1.00 Fair
Schertzinger, Victor Love Parade: selection Campbell Piano 1929 £6.00 Good
Schmalstich, Clemens Das deutsche volkslied Birnbach Voice, piano £10.00 Rare, but tatty
Schmid, J C Beautiful garden of roses Key F Feldman Voice, piano £3.50 Old but fair
Schubert Easy graded classic for piano (James Ching) Prowse Piano 1957 £3.00 Good
Schubert Franz Schubert song album Allan Voice, piano £3.00 Good
Schubert Mass in G Novello Vocal score £3.00 Good
Schubert Op. 90, 142, 94 and 145 (Vol. 16) Novello Piano £4.00 Fair
Schubert Rose among the heather SEE Fox, George
Schubert Schubert album Vol 1 Peters High voice, piano £4.00 Fair
Schubert Sonata: B flat major (no.10) Litolff Piano £2.00 Good
Schubert Song of Miriam (English) Novello Vocal score £4.00 Good
Schubert Standchen Augener High vc & piano £0.50 Pages sep. & marked
Schubert Symphony in B minor arr G Farnell Banks Piano (no parts) 1930 £1.00 Good
Schubert Wiegenlied Op.98 no.2 arr.H Becker Schott Cello, piano £3.00 Good
Schumann 5 Stucke in Volkston Op.102 Augener Cello, piano 1890 £5.00 Fair
Schumann Album for the young & Scenes from cld/hood Augener Piano 1913 £3.00 Op. 68 & Op. 15 (Kullak)
Schumann Kinderszenen Op. 15 UE Piano £4.50 Fair
Schumann Klavierquintett Op. 44 Peters Vln1,Vln2,Vla,C,Piano £20.00 Good.
Schumann Leider in English Vol.8: six songs Cramer Bar, Bass, Piano 1912 £2.00 Tatty but ok
Schumann Six songs for soprano (Metzler Vol. 5) Cramer Sop and piano £5.00 Ger. & Eng.
Schumann Woman's life and love Schirmer High voice, piano £4.00 Unused
Schumann Woman's love and life (Macfarren) Novello Voice, piano £5.00 Quite rare. And scruffy.
Schwartz, A Something to remember you by Bradbury Voice, piano £1.00 Very scruffy, music ok
Schwartz, Jean Good-bye Virginia Feldman Voice, piano 1915 £5.00 A bit scruffy but OK
Seiber, M Four Greek folk songs Boosey Voice, piano £15.00 Excellent
Sevcik, O Violin studies Op 7 Studies.. Shake Bosworth Violin £1.00 Fair
Sharp, C arr. Geehl Country gardens Enoch 2 voices, piano 1949 £1.00 Good
Shaw, Geoffrey Campbells are comin' (with "Ferry") Novello 2 part 6 copies for £1.00 Used
Shaw, Geoffrey London birds Curwen Voice, piano 1937 £1.00 Good. 2 copies available
Shaw, Martin Heffle cuckoo fair Curwen Voice, piano £3.00 Very good
Shaw, Martin I know a bank (Key B flat) Cramer Voice, piano 1922 £1.50 Good.
Shaw, Martin, ed Coventry carol: no. 38 (English Carol Book) Mowbray Hymnal type £0.50 Good
Sherman,A & Bloom,M Ukulele baby Lawrence Voice, piano 1925 £5.00 Rare. Good
Shostakovich Six children's pieces Anglo-Soviet Piano 1946 £4.00 Good
Silberman,L et al I don't care Anglo-French Voice, piano 1925 £3.00 Wonderful cover
Silver, Abner Leonora Shapiro Voice, piano 1927 £5.00 Sought after
Simon,H & Ash, P Gonna get a girl Francis Voice, piano 1927 £3.00 Good
Simons, Moises Marta (rambling rose of the wildwood) Lawrence Voice, piano 1931 £1.50 Good
Simons, Moises Marta: rambling rose of the wildwood Lawrence Voice, piano 1931 £1.50 Fair
Simpson, James Complete scale manual for the pianoforte Francis, Day Piano £3.50 Very good
Smith, Paul Ten toe tappers Creeth Various 1985 £1.00 Good
Spicker, Max ed. Celebrated opera arias for Bass Music House Bass, piano £6.00 Good
Spina, Harold My very good friend the milkman Campbell Voice, piano 1935 £6.00 Pic of Fats Waller
Spoliansky, Mischa My song for you Campbell Voice, piano 1934 £4.00 Very good
Squire, J H ed. Everybody's melodies: a collection Campbell Piano £2.00 Excellent
Stainer, J (ed) Village organist Book 13 Novello Organ 1898 £3.00 Fair
Stainer, J (ed) Village organist Book 18 Novello Organ 1925 £3.00 Good
Stainer, J (ed) Village organist Book 38 Novello Organ 1905 £2.00 Fair
Stainer, John Chrsitmas carols: new and old Novello Hymnal £10.00 Good
Stainer, John Organ, The (Novello's Music Primers) Novello Organ £5.00 Good, 19th c edition
Stainer, John et al Christmas carols new and old Novello Hymnal type 1871 £10.00 1st ed Dalziel engravings
Sterlin, L & Stampa, R I've got a Hottentot totsy Worton David Voice, piano 1926 £20.00 Rare and improper!
Stevens, George On Mother Kelly's doorstep Francis, Day Voice, piano £4.50 Collectable
Stevens, George When that harvest moon is shining Whitehall Voice, piano 1919 £2.00 Battered but ok
Stiles, Frank From open strings to 3 fingers Lewis Block Violin 1975 £1.00 Good. 18 copies available
Stoddon, R S Victoryland grand selection Feldman Piano 1917 £2.00 Delicate
Stolz, Robert Waltzing in the clouds Feldman Voice, piano 1940 £1.00 Fair
Stone, David 12 impressions for piano: nos. 7 - 12 Novello Piano 1960 £2.00 Good
Straus, Oscar My hero (from Chocolate soldier) Key C Feldman Voice, piano £1.00 Fair
Strauss, J Emperor waltz: words by Johnny Burke Morris Voice, piano 1957 £1.00 Pic of Bing Crosby
Strauss, J I'm in love with Vienna Chappell Voice, piano 1938 £4.00 Very good. Key of F
Strauss, J Sing with Strauss waltzes arr. Bantock Paxton Voice, piano 1941 £4.00 Good
Strauss, J Wine, woman and song Paxton Piano £2.00 Fair
Strauss, Richard Lieder (Bernhoff) Universal High voice, piano £5.00 Fair
Strauss, Richard Sonata in F for cello & piano Op.6 Aibl Verlag Cello, piano £18.00 Fair
Strelezki, Anton Easy piano pieces Op. 220: Polka Augener Piano 1894 £1.00 Acceptable
Strickland, Lily Mah Lindy Lou Key C Chappell Voice, piano £25.00 Collectable
Stuart, Leslie No.1 Album of Leslie's Stuart's most famous Francis & Day Voice, piano £5.00 Good
Sullivan & Gilbert Gondoliers (Wadsworth arrangement) Chappell Vocal score £9.00 Fair
Sullivan & Gilbert Iolanthe. Chappell Vocal score £6.00 Good
Sullivan & Gilbert Iolanthe. Chappell Vocal score £4.00 Very good
Sullivan & Gilbert Iolanthe: famous numbers from Act 2 Newnes Voice, piano £3.50 Very good
Sullivan & Gilbert Trial by jury Chappell Vocal score £6.00 Good.
Sullivan & Gilbert Utopia Ltd: famous numbers from Act 1 Newnes Vocal score type £5.00 Good
Sunlit nights Sing song book Vesteraalen Words £1.00 Good
Suriano, Francesco Regina Caeli Chester SATB 1930 £0.50 Acceptable. 6 available
Sutermeister, Heinrich Concerto for cello & orchestra Schott Cello, piano 1957 £10.00 As new
Swann, D & Flanders, M Song book Chappell Voice, piano £20.00 Just like new
Sweeting, E T Six Irish tunes OUP Piano 1929 £3.00 Good
Sylva, B G De et al For old times' sake Campbell Voice, piano 1927 £6.00 Period piece
Symes, M et al I've got an invitation to a dance Lawrence Voice, piano 1934 £4.00 Very good
Tabbush, Reginald Sunny Swanee Lennox Voice, piano 1916 £2.00 Good
Tauber, Richard If you are in love (Old Chelsea) Lawrence Voice, piano 1952 £4.00 Good
Tauber, Richard My heart and I (Old Chelsea) Key C, low Lawrence Voice, piano £1.00 Good
Taylor, James Fire and rain Blackwood Voice, piano, guitar £4.00 Good
Tchaikovsky Concerto in B flat minor -theme– ed. King Palmer Paxton Piano 1942 £2.00 Fair
Tchaikovsky Valse des fleurs arr. Woodhouse Lafleur Piano £1.50 Good
Tchaikovsky Waltz from Serenade for strings Schott Piano £1.00 Good
Tchakoff, Ivan Cossack dance Leonard Piano Duet £3.00 Good
Telemann, G P Die Kleine Kammermusik: 6 partitas violin/flute Baereneiter Score, parts £12.00 Excellent.
Telemann, G P Sonata in G minor (Bergmann) Schott Oboe, piano 1949 £4.00 Good
Terri, Salli ed. Streets of Laredo Lawson SATB 1957 £5.00 For 3 copies
Thiman, Eric Ferry (with Campbells are comin') Novello 2 part 6 copies for £1.00 Used
Thiman, Eric Gloria in excelsis deo Curwen Voice, piano 1938 £1.00 Good
Thiman, Eric Love will find out the way Novello 2 voices, piano 1972 £1.00 Very good
Thomas, Ambroise Entr'acte-Gavotte de Mignon ? Piano £1.00 Some foxing
Thomas, Susanna, arr. Pieces for 2 & 3 cellos(String ensemble series no.4)Schott Schott Cellos 1972 £6.00 Excellent
Thompson, Fisher Rio nights Stasny Voice, piano 1922 £2.00 Scruffy but OK
Thompson, Roy 6 easy pieces: Dance Augener Cello, piano 1935 £3.00 Excellent
Thumer, O New school of studies Book 2 Augener Piano 1900 £2.00 Good
Tilsley,H & Wallace,R Bandy Bandolero: six-eight foxtrot Lennox Voice, piano 1927 £2.00 Rare, ok.
Trinity College Piano exams : Group 3 Senior division Winthrop Piano £1.00 Excellent
Trinity College Sample ear tests (all grades) Trinity 1987 £1.00 Unused
Trotere, H I did not know (B flat) L Gould Bolttler Voice, piano 1910 £1.50 Fair
Trotere, H I did not know (B flat) L Gould Bolttler Voice,piano 1910 £2.00 Good
Trowell, Arnold Technology of v/cello playing Book 2 Schott Cello 1925 £6.00 Good
Tucker, J Nothin' to do Stasny Voice, piano 1926 £1.00 Good
Turnbull, David Aural time! Grade 3 Bosworth 1993 £3.00 Never used
Turner, Barrie Fun music ensemble Chappell Piano part only 1979 £1.00 Good
Turner, Barrie Fun music ensemble Chappell Cello/bassoon, p/f 1979 £2.00 Good
Tye, Christopher Laudate nomen domini ed Fellowes Stainer SATB 1930 £1.00 6 copies available
Unitas Fratrum Hymn tunes..Protesant Ch of United Brethren Moravian Pub. Hymnal 1887 £40.00 Excellent
Vacek, Karel Play to me, gipsy! The song I love Feldman Voice, piano 1934 £2.00 Good
Vance, P & Pockriss Catch a falling star (professional copy) Feldman Voice, piano 1957 £1.50 Excellent
Vandyck Series of ... Hymns & tunes for the Sunday School Anniv Taylor/Rayward Hymnal £0.50 Foxing
Vaughan Williams On Christmas night (No.2 of 8 trad carols) Stainer & Bell Voice, piano 1919 £1.00 Slightly scuffed
Vaughan Williams Silent noon Ashdown Voice, piano 1903 £2.50 Key of G
Vaughan Williams Silent noon. Key G major Ashdown Voice, piano 1903 £2.00 Excellent
Vaughan Williams Songs of travel Part 1 Boosey Voice, piano £3.00 Fair
Vaughan Williams Ten Blake songs OUP Voice, oboe £8.00 Excellent
Vaughan Williams Toward the unknown region Stainer Vocal score £5.00 Excellent
Vaughan Williams Toward the unknown region Stainer Vocal score £3.00 Fair
Vaughan Williams Water Mill OUP High voice, piano £2.00 Good
Vautor, Thomas Mother I will have a husband ed. Fellowes Stainer SSATB 1924 £20.00 16 good copies
Veitch, William John Mouldy Curwen Voice, piano 1940 £1.00 Good.
Verdi Aida Schirmer H/b Vocal score £6.00 Pages ok but cover marked.
Verdi Ballo in Maschera, Un Kalmus Vocal score £19.50 Good
Verdi Composizioni da camera Ricordi Voice, piano £6.00 Very good
Verdi Don Carlo Ricordi P/b Vocal score £15.00 Good clean copy
Verdi Forza del destino, La Belwin Mills Vocal score £20.00 Good
Verdi Il trovatore (ed. Arthur Sullivan) Boosey Vocal score £10.00 Tatty. Rare, hence price
Verdi La forza del destino Schirmer H/b Vocal score £30.00 Good.
Verdi Opera arias for bass ed K Soldan Peters Bass, piano £10.00 Fair
Verdi Otello (Italian and English) Schirmer Vocal score P/b £10.00 Not bad!
Verdi Quattro pezzi sacri Ricordi SATB, piano P/b 1928 £9.00 Good
Verdi Requiem Kalmus Vocal score £8.00 As new
Verdi Requiem (C L Kenny) Ricordi Vocal score £4.00 Good
Verdi Requiem (Georffrey Dunn) Ricordi Vocal score £5.00 Fair
Verdi Rigoletto selection arr. O. Allon Arthur Piano £2.50 Good
Verdi (Beyer) Il trovatore selection Paxton Voice, piano £4.00 Fairly good
Vivaldi Four arias (Turchi) IMC High voice, piano £4.00 Good
Wade, Peter Hallow'd memories Weekes Small organ £1.00 Good
Waldteufel Valse album No. 6 Ascherberg, H Piano £4.00 Good
Walker, Ernest Six duettinos OUP Piano, 4 hands 1927 £3.00 Good
Wallis, Harold Declining day Elkin Piano 1918 £5.00 Good
Walt, Edward J Lassie o'mine Key E flat Sam Fox Voice, piano £2.00 Good
Walters, ed Popular ballads for classical singers Hal Leonard High voice, piano £9.50 Unused, new
Warren, H & Dubin, A Gold diggers of 1933: selection Feldman Piano 1933 £10.00 Excellent 1st ed
Wayne, Mabel Ramona Francis Voice, piano 1927 £4.00 Excellent
Webber, Andrew Lloyd Anthology Really Useful Voice,piano 1987 £9.00 Just like new
Weber Invitation to the waltz Paxton Piano £1.00 Acceptable
Weber Oberon: Mermaid's song ed. Oesten, T Barnett Piano 1890 £6.00 Good
Weber, Fred Cornet student Level 1 - elementary Belwin-Mills Cornet £2.00 Fair
Wedgwood, Pamela Green jazzin' about Faber Piano 1996 £6.00 Unused
Weekes, Frederic Scale and arpeggio album Weekes Piano £1.00 Fair
Weelkes, Thomas Strike it up, tabor S & B 3 voices £1.00 Good.
West, John E, ed Wi' a hundred pipers Novello SATB 1920 £1.00 Good. 10 available
Weston, R P & Lee, B Sarah Alice!(Send that young man home) Francis Voice, piano £2.00 Lovely old stuff
Weston,P & Bergmann,W Twelve English country dances of the 18thC Schott Bb clarinet, piano 1963 £2.00 As new
White, Chandler Canadian capers Feldman Piano 1921 £3.50 Very good
Wilhelmj, August Twelve Christmas carols Novello Violin, piano £0.50 No part - just piano score
Willan, Healey (ed) Organ gems Book 1 F Harris Organ 1929 £4.00 Very good
Willcocks, David ed Messiah: highlights & other Xmas music Gollancz Voices, piano £5.00 As new, Illus.
Williams, Spencer Basin Street blues Lawrence W Voice, piano 1933 £5.00 Collectable
Willison, David World renowned songs Lengnick Voice, piano £5.00 No CD
Wisdom, N & Tremayne Don't laugh at me ('cause I'm a fool) David Toff Voice, piano 1954 £45.00 Good
Wood, Charles Make we merry (carol) Arnold Voice, piano £0.50 Good. 25 copies available
Wood, Charles Ride of the Witch Ascherberg, Hopwood 2 part £1.00 Used. 7 copies available
Wood, Haydn Bird of love divine (key A flat) Boosey Voice, piano £5.00 Good
Woodall, Gertrude When thou art near Leonard Voice, piano 1913 £3.00 Very good
Woodforde-Finden Four Indian Love Lyrics Boosey Low voice, piano £3.00 Good. 3 copies available
Woodforde-Finden Four Indian love lyrics (new ed.) Boosey Sop/Ten/piano £3 and £2.00 Fair and good.
Woods, Harry Just an echo in the valley Campbell C Voice, piano 1932 £2.00 A little torn but OK
Woods, Harry Paddlin' Madelin' home Lawrence Voice, piano 1925 £1.50 Photo of Fred Barnes
Woodward & Wood 4 Xmas carols: 6,7,8,32 from Cambridge Carol SPCK Hymnal 1937 £1.00 Single sheet
Woodward, Cissie Trifles for the pianoforte Piena Piano 1927 £3.00 Good. RARE
Woodward, William All our yesterdays Book 3 Wise Chord organ £3.00 Good
Woodward, William All our yesterdays Book 6 Wise Chord organ £3.00 Good
World's Student Xian Cantate Domino: federation hymnal Federation SATB Hymnal £5.00 Good. 3rd ed.
Wright,J & Sonenscher Will a tiddler laugh if you tiddle it? Feldman Voice, piano 1925 £20.00 Prof. copy
Wrubel, Allie Lullaby in blue Maurice Voice, piano 1934 £3.00 Lovely cover
Young, Joe I'm alone because I love you Feldman Voice, piano 1930 £1.00 OK
12 famous sacred songs (Star ed.) Paxton Voice, piano £1.00 Fair
24 Italian songs & arias, Low voice Schirmer Voice, piano £5.00 Good. CD inc.
Baritone songs Vol 1. Imperial edition Boosey Voice, piano 1903 £3.00 Scruffy but complete
Baritone songs Vol. 2 Boosey Baritone, piano £4.00 Good condition
Baritone songs Vol.2 Imperial edition Boosey Baritone, piano 1921 £5.00 Good
Best songs (words only) McGlennon Words 58th ed £0.50 Tatty
Big Hit Selection: words,music,sol-fa etc Victoria Piano 1933 £4.00 Very good
Bumper book of love songs IMP Voice, piano £32.00 Good
Celebri arie d'opera per canto & piano Ricordi Bass and piano £12.00 Good
Celebrity song album, ed. Henry Hall Campbell Voice, piano 1931 £6.00 Good
Children's Music Portfolio Part 22 Harmsworth (Vln) Piano 1924 £4.00 Good
Christmas carols for congregational singing Church B R Words only £0.50 Good
City folio 2nd album of Marches (no. 10) Paxton Piano £1.00 Tatty but rare
Climax P/F album No. 4- Operatic selections Paxton Piano £3.50 Acceptable
Contralto songs Vol. 1 Boosey Voice, piano £4.00 Loose cover
Contralto Songs Vol. 1 Boosey Voice, piano £4.00 No cover. All pages ok
Famous classics for all-organ EMI All-organ 1979 £4.00 Excellent condition
First Nowell arr. with descant Novello No.435 Hymnal type £0.50 Good, Fair. 2 copies
Golden hours Book 6: Operas Prowse Piano 1930 £3.50 Very good
Good Christian men, rejoice Novello No.156 SA, piano £0.50 Fair
Good Christian men, rejoice Novello No.8 Hymal type £0.50 Good
Hundred Best Short Songs Book 1 Paterson Voice, piano £4.00 Excellent condition
Hundred Best Short Songs Book 4 Paterson Voice, piano £4.00 Good
Hymns Ancient & Modern revised Clowes Hymnal £2.00 Acceptable
Italian songs of the 17th & 18th centuries IMC Vol.1 Low voice £5.00 Used, but good
It's easy to play showtunes Wise Piano 1966 £4.00 Good
Londonderry air arr. Geehl Ashdown Piano 1923 £1.00 Good
Music for all (Christmas number) No.27, Vol.5 Newnes Voice, piano 1924 £10.00 Good
Music for the home ed. Landon Ronald News Chronicle Voice, piano 1932 £4.00 Fair
Music for the home ed. Landon Ronald News Chronicle Voice, piano 1932 £5.00 Good
Music masterpieces, Vol 2 Fleetway Voice, piano £10.00 Fair
Music minus one Basso arias (acc. Wustman) MM1 Bass and piano £3.00 No CD, but good music
Music of all nations Part 1 Magazine Various 1927 £2.00 Fair
Newnes Home Musical: a weekly album Newnes Magazine 1920s £5.00 Vol.1, no. 5
Old English Masters Bk.3, ed Dunhill J Williams Piano 1924 £3.00 Good.
Opern=arien fur Bass ed Kurt Soldan Peters Bass, piano £10.00 Good
Opern-Arien fur Bass ed. Soldan, Kurt Peters Bass, piano £10.00 Good
Oxford book of carols OUP Full score 1942 £4.00 Fair
Play Showtime Book 1 Essex Violin part only 1961 £1.00 Good, no markings
Play showtime Book 2 Faber Violin, piano £6.50 New
Play trumpet today! Complete guide Level 1 Hal Leonard Trumpet £6.00 Never used with CD
Popular Christmas carols: 29 favourites Paxton Voices, keyboard 1943 £3.50 Good
Russian masters piano album ed. O.Thumer Augener Piano £8.00 Good
Sheet Music Folio No. 2 -All Organ Wise Organ, words 1979 £8.00 Excellent
Sing solo soprano OUP Soprano & piano £6.00 Used, good
Singer's Musical theatre anthology Vol 3 Hal Leonard Soprano 2000 £16.00 Brand new
Six Old World Classics ed. Vernon Walker Bosworth Piano £4.00 Good
Standard series:easy pieces for piano Book 10 Prowse Piano 1947 £5.00 Good.
Third star folio of p/f music: Famous overtures Paxton Cello part only 1910 £1.00 Fair

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