Author Title Soft/Hard/Paperback Published Publisher Price £ Comments
Salgado,Gamini The Elizabethan underworld H/b 2006 Folio Society £15.00 As new
Sansom, C J Sovereign P/b 2008 Pan £2.50 Excellent
Sayers, Dorothy L Busman's honeymoon P/b 1986 Hodder £1.00 Good
Scholes, Percy A Oxford companion to music 7th ed H/b 1947 OUP £10.00 Good
Schultz, John Understanding & using radio comms.receivers H/b 1972 TAB £32.00 Excellent
Scroggie, M G Foundations of wireless 4th ed H/b 1945 Ilifer £5.00 Good
Selby, Hubert Last exit to Brooklyn P/b 1970 Corgi £7.00 1st ed, Good
Seton, Anya Avalon P/b 1972 Coronet £1.00 Good
Silvester, Victor Modern ballroom dancing H/b Rev ed H Jenkins £4.00 Good
Simpson, Dorothy Doomed to die P/b 1992 Warner £1.00 Good
Slater, Nigel Eat: little book of fast food H/b 2013 Fourth Estate £25.00 Excellent
Slaughter, Karin Skin privilege P/b 2008 Arrow £1.00 Fair
Smith, Alexander McCall Full cupboard of life, The P/b 2004 Abacus £1.50 As new
Smith, Alexander McCall Full cupboard of life, The P/b 2004 Abacus £1.00 Fair
Smith, Alexander McCall In the company of cheerful ladies P/b 2005 Abacus £1.00 Good
Smith, Alexander McCall Kalahari typing school for men P/b Abacus £2.00 NEW
Smith, Alexander McCall Kalahari typing school for men P/b 2004 Abacus £2.00 NEW
Smith, Alexander McCall No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency (Cover pic) P/b 2008 Abacus £2.00 Like new
Smith, C E Stories from Wagner H/b n.d. Jack £10.00 Good
Smith, Peter Your first hamster P/b 1991 TFH £1.00 Unused
Spall, Shane Voyages of the Princess Matilda P/b 2012 Ebury £2.50 New
Spark, Muriel Far cry from Kensington P/b 2013 Virago £2.50 New
Spark, Muriel Loitering with intent P/b 2013 Virago £2.50 New
Spark, Muriel Memento mori P/b 2013 Virago £2.50 New
Stacey, S & Fairley, J Green beauty bible, The H/b 2008 Kyle Cathie £2.50 Good
Stanton, Andy Mr Gum and the biscuit billionaire P/b 2007 Egmont £1.50 Unread
Starkey, David Henry: the prince who would turn tyrant P/b 2009 Harper £4.00 NEW
Stewart, Mary Airs above the ground P/b Hodder £2.50 NEW
Stewart, Mary Hollow hills, The P/b 1974 Coronet £0.50 Fair
Stewart, Mary Thornyhold P/b 1989 Coronet £1.00 Good
Stewart, Mary Touch not the cat P/b 1977 Coronet £1.50 Good
Stewart, Michael Prodigy P/b 1989 Fontana £1.00 Good
Stewart, P & Riddell, C Fergus Crane P/b 2005 Corgi £1.00 Good
Stinchelli, Enrico Stars of the opera H/b 1992 Gremese £8.00 Excellent
Stoppard, Miriam Menopause: complete practical guide H/b 1999 Dorling £3.00 Excellent
Stratmann, Linda Case of doubtful death (Frances Doughty) P/b 2013 Mystery £2.50 NEW
Stratmann, Linda Daughters of gentlemen (Frances Doughty) P/b 2013 Mystery £2.50 NEW
Stratmann, Linda Poisonous seed (Frances Doughty) P/b 2013 Mystery £2.50 NEW
Stroud, Jonathan Amulet of Samarkand, The P/b 2003 Random House £1.50 Good
Stroud, Jonathan Ptolemy's gate (Bartimaeus trilogy) H/b 2005 Doubleday £2.50 Very good
Sutcliffe, William New boy P/b 1996 Penguin £1.00 Fair
Swanson, Peter Kind worth killing, The P/b 2015 Faber £2.50 Faber
Sweetman, John Dambusters raid, The P/b 2002 Cassell £2.00 Good
Tallis, Frank Mortal mischief P/b 2006 Arrow £1.00 Ex library
Tartt, Donna Secret history, The P/b 1993 Penguin £0.50 OK
Taylor, Alice Village, The H/b 1992 Brandon £2.00 Like new
Taylor, Peter Managing your business accounts P/b 1999 How to books £2.00 As new
Te Kanawa, Kiri Opera for lovers H/b 1996 Headline £5.00 Excellent
Tey, Josephine Captain Underpants & the big, bad battle (Pt2) P/b 1954 Penguin £0.50 Good
Tey, Josephine Daughter of time P/b Arrow £2.50 NEW
Thomas, D M White hotel, The P/b 1983 Penguin £1.00 Good
Thompson, Oscar Debussy: man and artist P/b 1967 Dover £5.00 Good.
Tine, Robert Beethoven (based on the smash hit film) P/b 1992 Puffin £1.00 Unused
Tooth, Arthur and sons Paris-Londres. A collection.. (28/5/68-22/6/68 P/b 1968 Tooth £30.00 Excellent
Tooth, Arthur and sons Paris-Londres. A collection.. (31/5/67-24/6/67 P/b 1967 Tooth £30.00 Excellent
Toulmin, S & Goodfield, J The architecture of matter P/b 1968 Pelican £5.00 Fair
Townshend, Pete Who I am H/b 2012 Harper £6.00 As new
Trigiani, Adriana Home to Big Stone Gap P/b 2006 Pocket £1.00 Good
Trollope, Joanna Brother & sister H/b 2004 Bloomsbury £3.00 Good
Trollope, Joanna Girl from the south H/b 2002 Ted Smart £4.00 As new
Turner, Chris Contract law. 2nd edition P/b 2007 Hodder £17.00 As new
Tweedley, Neil Winning the bid H/b 1995 Pitman £10.00 As new, 1st ed
Tyas, Shaun Book-worm droppings P/b 1988 P Watkins £2.00 Good
Upson, Nicola Fear in the sunlight P/b 2012 Faber £1.00 Read once
Usborne Spotter's guide: the night sky P/b 2006 Usborne £1.00 Unread
Ustinov, Peter Ustinov in Russia H/b 1987 Summit £2.00 Excellent. 1st ed.
Uttley, Alison Country world: memories of childhood P/b 1986 Faber £2.00 Very good
Vidal, Gore Perpetual war for perpetual peace P/b 2003 Clairview £3.50 New
Vogue Embroidery Book No. 2 P/b Conde Nast £4.00 Good. Vintage
Waddell, Dan Who do you think you are? P/b 2004 BBC £4.00 Unused copy
Wallace, Carlton Photographing people H/b 1962 Evans £6.00 Excellent
Walliams, David Boy in the dress, The P/b 2013 Harper £2.00 As new
Walters, Julie Maggie's tree P/b 2006 QPD £2.00 Very good
Walters, Minette Sculptress P/b 1998 Pan £1.00 Good
Watkins, Paul Archangel P/b 1996 Faber £1.00 Fair
Waugh, Alexander Opera: a new way of listening H/b 1996 De Agostini £2.00 No CD
Wentworth, Patricia Girl in the cellar P/b Hodder £2.00 NEW
West, Rebecca Cousin Rosamund P/b 1991 Virago £1.00 Good
White, E B Stuart Little P/b 1969 Puffin £3.00 Good
Wiliams, Clayton E Dark road to triumph: Passion week sermons H/b 1960 Hodder £6.00 Excellent
Wilkinson, Wilf Prayer for the day P/b 1976 Fontana £1.00 Good
Willcocks, David Messiah and other Christmas music H/b 1987 Gollancz £5.00 Excellent condition
Williams, Neville Henry VIII and his court P/b 1971 Cardinal £4.00 Good
Williams, Nigel They came from SW19 H/b 1992 Faber £2.00 Excellent
Woodcock, Joan Matron knows best: 1960s nurse P/b 2011 Headline £2.50 As new
Woodward, Bob State of denial H/b 2006 Simon & Sch £5.00 As new, 1st ed
Worth, Jennifer Farewell to the East End H/b 2009 Orion £2.50 Good
Worth, Jennifer Shadows of the workhouse P/b 2013 Phoenix £2.50 As new
Yates, Frank Sampling methods for censuses & surveys H/b 1981 Griffin £10.00 4th ed. Excellent
Young, Robyn Requiem H/b 2008 Hodder £7.00 1st ed, Good
Yule, G Udny & Kendall, M G Introduction to the theory of statistics H/b 1968 Griffin £15.00 Heavy!
Berlin: City Pack: map and guide P/b AA £2.00 Excellent
Bistro cookbook: every day French cuisine H/b 2012 Love Food £5.00 As new
Embroideress Magazine No 37 P/b 1931 Pearsall £3.00 Fair
Embroideress Magazine No 38 P/b Pearsall £3.00 scruffy
Embroideress Magazine No 40 P/b Pearsall £3.00 Fair
Embroideress Magazine No 44 P/b Pearsall £3.00 Fair
Embroideress Magazine No 45 P/b Pearsall £3.00 Fair
Embroideress Magazine No 46 P/b Pearsall £3.00 Fair
Embroideress Magazine No 47 P/b Pearsall £3.00 Good
Embroideress Magazine No 48 P/b Pearsall £3.00 Fair
Embroideress Magazine No 49 P/b Pearsall £3.00 Fair
Embroideress Magazine No 58 P/b Pearsall £3.00 Fair
Illustrated guide to Bruges "Castaigne" ed. P/b 1920 de Boeck £20.00 Fair
Music Teacher & Piano Student mag.Vol.XLVI P/b Jan 1967 Evans £1.00 Good
Spice up your life: over 100 spicy recipes H/b 2012 Love Food £2.00 Good.
Unsung business heroes P/b 2010 NABO £9.00 NEW
Worlds of IF Sci-Fi Aug 1965 Vol 15 no 8 P/b 1965 Guinn £1.50 Fair

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