Author Title Soft/Hard/Paperback Published Publisher Price £ Comments
Eclair, Jenny Camberwell beauty H/b 2000 Little, Brown £3.00 Very good
Edugyan, Esi Half blood blues P/b 2012 Serpent £2.00 Good
Egan, Jeanette Diabetic cooking H/b 2005 Greenwich £5.00 Excellent
Elton, Ben High society H/b 2002 Bantam £2.00 Good
Evans, Roger How to play piano H/b 1981 Book Club £2.00 Excellent
Falco, Ed Family Corleone P/b 2013 Arrow £2.50 as new
Farndale, Nigel Blasphemer, The P/b 2011 Black Swan £1.00 Good
Faulks, Sebastian Birdsong P/b 1994 Vintage £1.00 Good
Faulks, Sebastian Week in December, A P/b 2010 Vintage £1.00 Good
Fielding, Henry Tom Jones P/b 1980 Penguin £2.00 Good
Figes, Kate ed. Childhood: an anthology P/b 1998 Orion £1.00 Good
Fleetwood, Jenni Complete book of main courses P/b 2005 Hermes House £5.00 Like new
Fogle, Bruce Dog talk: secrets of owning a happy dog H/b 2009 Max £2.50 As new
Forbes, Colin Cell, The H/b 2002 Simon & S £3.00 As new
Forsyth, Frederick Dogs of war, The H/b 1975 BCA £8.00 Very good.
Foster, Stephen Walking Ollie: a difficult dog P/b 2007 Short £2.00 As new
Fowler, Christopher Bryant and May: Victoria vanishes P/b 2009 Bantam £1.00 Good
Fowler, Christopher Full dark house P/b 2004 Bantam £1.00 Good
Fowler, Christopher Seventy-seven clocks P/b 2006 Bantam £1.00 Good
Fowler, Christopher Seventy-seven clocks P/b 2006 Bantam £1.00 Good
Fowler, Christopher Ten-second staircase P/b 2006 Bantam £1.00 Fair
Fowler, Christopher Water room (Bryant & May's first mystery) P/b 2005 Bantam £1.50 Fair
Fowler, Christopher White corridor: Bryant & May investigate P/b 2008 Bantam £1.00 Good
Francis, Clare Keep me close P/b 2000 Pan £0.50 Fair
Francis, Dick Driving force P/b 1993 Pan £1.00 Good
Francis, Dick Edge, The P/b 1989 Pan £1.00 Good
Francis, Dick Field of 13 H/b 1998 £3.00 Very good
Francis, Dick To the hilt (Traveller's edition) H/b 1996 Joseph £2.00 Good
Francis, Dick Twice shy P/b 1981 Pan £1.00 Good. 2 copies
Franzmann, Vivienne Mogadishu P/b 2011 NHB £3.00 Fair
French, Nicci The red room P/b 2008 Index £1.00 Good
French, Nicci Until it's over P/b 2009 Penguin £1.00 Used
Friedman, Michael J Kahless (Star Trek Next Generation) H/b 1996 Pocket £2.00 Excellent
Fyfield, Frances Blind date H/b 1998 Bantam £2.50 Excellent
Fyfield, Frances Looking down P/b 2006 Time Warner £1.00 Very good
Fyfield, Frances Nature of the beast P/b 2002 Time Warner £1.00 Fair
Gammond, Peter Illustrated encyclopedia of recorded opera H/b 1979 Salamander £5.00 Excellent
Garibaldi, ed Alexandre Dumas Autobiography, An trans.Wm Robson H/b 1860 Routledge £80.00 1st ed, collectable
George, Joshua Pied Piper of Hamlin P/b 2015 Topthat £2.50 New
Gerritsen, Tess Apprentice, The P/b 2003 Bantam £1.50 Good
Gerritsen, Tess Never say die P/b 2007 Mira £1.00 Very good
Gilbey, Geoffrey Pass it on H/b 1931 Daily Express £2.00 Good. 1st ed
Gliori, Debi Pure dead wicked P/b 2003 Random House £2.00 Signed, as new
Glover, Jane Mozart's women P/b 2005 Macmillan £2.50 Very god
Glyndebourne Festival Opera Programme P/b 1979 £15.00 V. good, inc. cuttings
Glyndebourne Festival Opera Programme P/b 1992 £12.00 Very good
Glyndebourne Festival Opera Programme P/b 1983 £10.00 Very good
Glyndebourne Festival Opera Programme P/b 1978 £10.00 Very good
Glyndebourne Festival Opera Programme P/b 1994 £5.00 Very good
Glyndebourne Festival Opera Programme P/b 1982 £12.00 Very good
Goddard, Robert Found wanting P/b 2009 Corgi £1.00 Fair
Goddard, Robert Play to the end P/b 2004 Corgi £1.00 Good
Goldacre, Ben Bad science P/b 2009 Fourth Estate £0.50 scruffy
Good Homes Magazine Room-by-room makeovers P/b 2004 BBC £0.50 As new
Gorky, M Chaliapin: an autobiography H/b 1976 White Lion £6.00 Excellent with jacket
Graham, Oakley Beowulf the brave P/b 2014 Topthat £2.50 New
Graham, Oakley Carrot soup P/b 2015 Topthat £2.50 New
Graham, Oakley Chicken little P/b 2015 Topthat £2.50 New
Graham, Oakley Return of the Jabberwock P/b 2013 Topthat £2.50 New
Graham, Oakley Twelve primcesses P/b 2016 Topthat £2.50 New
Gramophone Opera catalogue: recordings P/b 1995 Gramophone £5.00 Excellent. Edition 1
Granger, Ann Better quality of murder, A P/b 2010 Headline £2.00 Good
Granger, Ann Flowers for his funeral P/b 1995 Headline £1.00 Good
Granger, Ann Watching out P/b 2003 Headline £1.00 Good
Green, Wayne Fascinating world of radio communications H/b 1971 Tab £10.00 1st ed, good
Gregory, Philippa Earthly joys P/b 1999 Harper £2.00 Good
Gregory, Philippa White queen, The P/b 2010 Pocket £1.00 Good
Grisham, John Appeal, The P/b 2008 Arrow £1.00 Good
Grisham, John Gray mountain P/b 2015 Hodder £1.00 Good
Grisham, John Pelican brief, The P/b 1992 Arrow £1.00 Fair
Gruber, Michael Book of air and shadows, The P/b 2007 Harper £2.00 NEW
Grylls, Bear Facing up: Mount Everest P/b 2005 Pan £1.00 Good
Guareschi, Giovanni trans. F Frenaye Don Camillo's dilemma H/b 1954 Gollancz £24.00 1st ed. Good
Gulliver, Lemuel Swift So this is Glasgow! H/b 1938 Jackson £9.00 Good 1st ed
Hackett, General Sir John Untold story: Third world war P/b 1983 Sidgwick £2.00 A bit scruffy
Hall, Sarah The electric Michelangelo P/b 2004 Faber £2.00 Good
Halls, Vicky Cat counsellor P/b 2007 Bantam £1.00 Fair
Hammond, Joan Voice, a life, A H/b 1970 Gollancz £0.75 Good
Hammond, Phil Sex, sleep or scrabble P/b 2009 B & W £1.00 Fair
Hampton Court Palace Explore Hampton Court Palace (guide book) P/b 2014 HRP £2.00 New. 2 copies
Hannah, Sophie Carrier, The P/b 2013 Hodder £1.50 Good
Hannah, Sophie Kind of cruel H/b 2012 Hodder £3.00 Excellent
Hannah, Sophie Little face P/b 2009 Hodder £1.00 Excellent
Hannah, Sophie Monogram murders, The P/b 2015 Harper £2.50 As new
Hannah, Sophie Point of rescue, The H/b 2008 Hodder £3.00 Read once
Hanson, E L & Brown, G A Starting statistics P/b 1972 Hulton £3.00 Good
Hanson-Cordwell, Marie Butter for Marie: memoirs of Liverpool P/b 1991 Countryvise £2.50 As new
Harland, O Yorkshire: North Riding H/b 1951 Hale £10.00 Excellent. 1st ed
Harris, John Indian mutiny, The: British at war H/b 1973 BCA £5.00 Very good
Harris, Stacy Best of Country: the essential guide P/b 1993 Orion £0.50 Good
Hart, Miranda Is it just me? H/b 2012 Hodder £6.00 Very good
Hart, Philip Conductors: a new generation H/b 1979 Robson £4.00 Excellent
Hart-Davis, Adam Why does a ball bounce? and 100 other... H/b 2005 Ebury £4.00 Very good
Harvey, John Ash and bone P/b 2007 Arrow £1.00 Fair
Harvey, John Far cry P/b 2010 Arrow £2.00 Good
Harvey, John Flesh and blood P/b 2005 Arrow £1.00 Fair
Harvey, John Good bait H/b 2012 Heineman £2.00 Excellent
Harvey_Jones, John Making it happen H/b 1988 Collins £2.00 Excellent
Hastings, Max Overlord: D-D & the battle for Normandy H/b 1984 Guild £6.00 Good
Hatsuyama, Shigeru Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake H/b 1974 Warne £2.00 Fair ex libris
Hayder, Mo Ritual: a Jack Caffery thriller P/b 2008 Bantam £1.50 Fair
Heller, Robert Selling successfully (Essential managers) P/b 1999 DK £2.00 As new
Herbert, James Domain P/b 1985 NEL £0.50 Fair
Herbert, James Lair P/b 1979 NEL £0.30 Fair. 1st P/b ed
Herbert, James Moon P/b 1986 NEL £1.50 Very good
Herman, Richard Dark wing P/b 1994 Coronet £1.00 Fair
Hewlett-Davies, Barryed. Night at the opera H/b 1980 Weidenfeld £4.50 Excellent
Heyer, Georgette False colours H/b 1963 Book Club £14.00 1st edition. Good.
Hiassen, Carl Omnibus: Sick puppy; Skin tight P/b 2004 Pan £2.50 Good
Higgins, Jack Angel of death H/b 1995 M Joseph £4.00 Excellent, 1st ed
Higgins, Jack White House connection, The P/b 2000 Pengiun £0.50 Fair
Hill, Susan Mist in the mirror P/b 1993 Mandarin £1.00 Good
Hill, Susan Small hand P/b 2007 Pan £3.00 NEW
Hindle, Tim Negotiating skills (Essential managers) P/b 1998 DK £2.00 As new
Hodgson, David S J Prototype: Offic1al game guide Xbox 360 etc P/b 2009 Prima £5.00 Good
Holmes, G Augustus Academic manual of the rudimemts of music P/b 1929 Weekes £1.50 Good
Holt, Tom (E F Benson) Lucia triumphant P/b 1987 Black Swan £2.00 Excellent
Hope, Anna Ballroom, The P/b 2016 Doubleday £4.00 New Proof copy
Hope, Maggie Wartime nurse, A P/b 2011 Ebury £2.50 As new
Hore, Rachel Place of secrets, A P/b 2010 Pocket £2.00 As new
Hornby, Nick High fidelity P/b 2000 Penguin £0.50 Fair
Horne, R & Szirtes, H 101 things to do before you're old and boring P/b 2005 Bloomsbury £4.50 NEW
Horowitz, Anthony French confection, the P/b 2003 Walker £1.00 NEW
Horowitz, Anthony Night rise: the power of five P/b 2007 Walker £1.00 Fair
Horowitz, Anthony Public enemy number 2 P/b 2002 Walker £2.00 NEW
Horowitz, Anthony Raven's gate: the power of five P/b 2005 Walker £1.50 Good
Horowitz, Anthony Return to Groosham Grange P/b 2003 Walker £1.00 As new
Horowitz, Anthony South by South East P/b 2002 Walker £1.50 NEW
Hough, R Hunting of Force Z P/b 1971 NEL £5.00 Good
Howarth, Elgar & Patrick What a performance! The brass band plays H/b 1988 Robson £4.00 Good 1st ed
Hughes, Spike Famous Puccini operas P/b 1980 Dover £4.00 Excellent
Hughes, Spike Glyndebourne: a history of the festival opera H/b 1981 David & Ch £10.00 New ed, Good
Hulbert, Jack The little woman's always right H/b 1975 Allen £3.00 Good
Hunt, Patricia Life of Jesus, The (Children's favourite) H/b 1981 Ward Lock £2.00 Good
Hunter, Alan Gently does it (Inspector George Gently) P/b 2010 Robinson £1.30 Very good
Hunter, Alan Gently go man (Inspector George Gently) P/b 2011 Robinson £2.00 NEW
Iles, Greg Dead sleep P/b 2001 Coronet £1.00 Good
Jacobson, Howard Finkler question, The P/b 2011 Bloomsbury £1.00 Very good
James, Clive Unreliable memoirs P/b 1982 Picador £1.00 Good
James, Peter Alchemist H/b 1996 Gollancz £3.00 First edition
James, Peter Dead like you H/b 2010 Macmillan £2.00 Good
James, Peter Dead man's footsteps H/b 2008 Macmillan £1.00 Good
James, Peter Dead man's grip P/b 2001 Macmillan £2.00 Good
James, Peter Dead man's time H/b 2013 Macmillan £3.00 Good
James, Peter Dead simple P/b 2005 Pan £1.00 Fair
James, Peter Dead simple P/b 2008 Pan £1.00 Used
James, Peter Dead tomorrow H/b 2009 Macmillan £1.50 Good. Heavy!
James, Peter Dreamer P/b 2005 £1.00 Fair
James, Peter Faith P/b 2005 Orion £2.00 Very good
James, Peter Looking good dead P/b 2006 Pan £2.00 Good
James, Peter Not dead enough P/b 2007 Pan £1.00 Very good
James, Peter Twilight P/b 2005 Orion £1.00 Good
James, Peter Want you dead! P/b 2014 Pan £1.00 Good
Johnston, Andrew K Hacker's guide to project management P/b 1995 Butterworth £6.00 As new
Jones, Terry & Ereira, Alan Crusades H/b 1994 BBC £5.00 Excellent, 1st ed
Jovanovic, Rob Kate Bush H/b 2005 Portrait £5.00 Good
Joy, Charles R Concordance of subjects H/b 1952 Black £4.00 1st ed, ex lib, Good.
Kay, Elizabeth Divide H/b 2003 Chicken House £4.00 As new 1st ed
Keillor, Garrison Leaving home P/b 1989 Faber £1.00 Good
Keillor, Garrison We are still married P/b 1990 Faber £1.00 Good
Kennedy, A L Now that you're back P/b 1995 Vintage £1.00 Good
Kennedy, Michael ed The concise Oxford dictionary of music 3rd ed P/b 1990 OUP £2.00 Good
Kernick, Simon Relentless P/b 2007 Corgi £1.00 Fair
Keyes, Marian This charming man P/b 2009 Penguin £2.00 Excellent
King, Caradoc Problem child: a tale of neglect, P/b 2011 Simon & Sch £2.50 As new
Kitson, C H Elemenary harmony Part one H/b 1935 Oxford £3.00 Good
Kittel, Charles et al Mechanics. Berkeley physics course Vol.1 H/b 1965 McGraw £12.00 Good
Klein, Shelley More senior moments H/b 2007 O'Mara £4.00 As new
Knox, W H Gospel of St John (Talks to young people) H/b 1936 Vallance £8.00 1st ed, good
Knox, W H Isaiah (Talks to young people) H/b 1950 Vallance £5.00 1st ed, good
Koontz, Dean Breathless P/b 2010 Harper £2.50 Good
Kostova, Elizabeth Historian, The P/b 2006 Time Warner £1.00 Fair
Lacey, Robert The life and times of Henry VIII H/b 1972 Book Club Ass. £4.00 Very good
Lambert, Nat Three billy goats gruff P/b 2014 Topthat £2.50 New
Lanchester, John Whoops! Why everyone owes everyone P/b 2010 Penguin £2.00 Good
Lanning, Michael Lee Senseless secrets H/b 1996 Birch Lane £3.00 Excellent
Lansens, Lori Girls, The P/b 2007 Virago £1.00 Good
Lansford, Lewis & Schwarz, Chris Japan: the changing face of H/b 2002 Hodder £0.50 Fair
Larkin, David ed. Tempation (paintings) P/b 1975 Pan £9.00 Excellent
Larsson, Stieg Girl who played with fire P/b 2009 MacLehose £2.00 Good
Lawless, Julia Aromatherapy - complete illustrated guide P/b 1997 Element £3.00 New
Lawrence, Felicity Not on the label P/b 2004 Penguin £2.50 As new
Lawrence, G R P Cartographic methods P/b 1971 Methuen £5.00 Excellent
Lawson, Mary Other side of the bridge P/b 2007 Vintage £1.00 Good
Lee, J Roofing (Teach yourself building book) H/b 1946 EUP £12.00 Excellent
Leete-Hodge, Lornie Mark and Mandy make music H/b 0 Sandle £1.00 Good
Lefevre Gallery XIX & XX centruy French paintings P/b 1968 Lefrevre £1.00 Some plates missing
Lejard, Andre Braque P/b 1949 Hazan £10.00 In French
Leon, Donna Wilful behaviour H/b 2002 Heinemann £2.00 Good
Leonard, Martin Understanding statistics (Teach yourself) P/b 1974 EUP £1.00 1st ed, good
Levin, Richard & Kirkpatrick,Charles Quantitative approaches to management P/b 1975 3rd ed Mcgraw Hill £3.00 Good
Lewis, Martyn Dogs in the news P/b 1992 Your Dog £1.50 Very good.
Lingard, Joan Natasha's will P/b 2000 Puffin £2.00 Signed, as new
Linn, Susie Alice in Wonderland P/b 2015 Topthat £2.50 New
Linn, Susie Anansi the clever spider P/b 2014 Topthat £2.50 New
Lipman, Maureen How was it for you? H/b 1985 Robson £10.00 Fine signed copy
Lipman, Maureen Something to fall back on P/b 1991 Furura £0.60 Fair
Lucas, George Star wars from the adventures of L Skywalker H/b 1978 BCA £18.00 Collectable
Mac Bride, Mac Kenzie Wild Lakeland H/b 1928 Black £35.00 Good
Mackie, Mary Cobwebs and cream teas P/b 1995 Gollancz £2.00 Unread
Macksey, Kenneth Military errors of World War Two P/b 1998 Cassell £1.00 Good
Macpherson, Stewart Rudiments of music P/b 1910 Williams £0.60 Fair
Macpherson, Stewart Rudiments of music P/b 1939 Williams £0.50 Fair
Mah, Adeline Yen Falling leaves P/b 1997 Penguin £1.00 Good
Manning, Olivia Fortunes of war: 2: Levant trilogy P/b 1982 Penguin £1.50 Good
Marcus, Abraham Radio servicing: theory and practice H/b 1960 Prentice £25.00 Excellent
Marks & Spencer Essential quiz collection P/b 2004 M & S £2.50 New, unused
Marlborough Gallery Recent acquisitions 1968 P/b 1968 Marlborough £0.10 Some missing pages
Marryat, Captain Peter Simple H/b 1842 Tauchnitz £40.00 Very good
Marsh, Ngaio Colour scheme P/b Harper £5.00 NEW
Marsh, Ngaio Dead water P/b 1977 Fontana £0.50 Acceptable
Marsh, Ngaio Death and the dancing footman P/b Harper £5.00 NEW
Marsh, Ngaio Death at the bar P/b 1986 Collins £1.00 Good
Matthay, Tobias First principles of pianoforte playing P/b 1910 Longmans £5.00 2nd ed. Fair.
May, Robin Operamania H/b 1966 Vernon £7.50 Excellent
McCourt, Frank Angela's ashes P/b 1997 Flamingo £1.00 Fair
McCullough, Colleen Tim P/b 1983 Pan £1.00 Good
McDermid, Val Crack down P/b 2003 Harper £1.00 Good
McDermid, Val Retribution, The: Tony Hill P/b 2012 Sphere £1.00 Fair
McDermid, Val The distant echo P/b 2006 Harper £1.00 Fair
McGrath, Melanie Hopping: hidden lives..East End H/b 2009 Fourth Estate £4.00 As new
McIntyre, Michael Life & laughing:my story P/b 2011 Penguin £1.00 Good
McNab, Andy Last light H/b 2001 Bantam £2.00 Good
McNab, Andy Liberation Day H/b 2002 Bantam £2.00 Good
Meadows, Daisy Chloe the topaz fairy (Rainbow magic 25) P/b 2005 Orchard £2.00 NEW
Meadows, Daisy Maya the harp fairy P/b 2008 Orchard £1.00 Good
Medieval Murderers King Arthur's bones P/b 2010 Pocket £2.00 NEW
Medieval Murderers Sacred stone, The P/b 2011 Simon & S £3.00 NEW
Mellon, J & Chalabi, A Wake up! Survive and prosper P/b 2005 Capstone £8.00 As new
Mercer, Derrik et al Fog of war: media on the battlefield H/b 1987 Heineman £5.00 Very good, 1 st ed
Merron, David Goodbye East End: evacuee's story P/b 2015 Corgi £2.00 As new
Metropolitan Opera House Address book H/b 1986 Galison £3.00 Small usage
Mitchell, Susan Icons, saints and divas H/b 1997 Harper £2.50 Good
Mitchison, Amanda David Livingstone: legendary explorer P/b 2003 Short £1.50 NEW
Montgomery, L M Anne of Green Gables H/b 1994 Macmillan £4.00 Boxed
Montgomery, L M Mistress Pat H/b 1953 Harrap £15.00 Good
Moore, Margaret Forests of the night H/b 1987 Collins £4.00 Very good
Moore, Michael Stupid white men H/b 2001 Regan £3.00 Very good
Morgan, Christopher Don Carlos and company H/b 1994 McRae £5.00 Excellent
Morpurgo, Michael Butterfly lion P/b 1996 Harper £1.50 New
Morpurgo, Michael Sleeping sword P/b 2002 Egmont £2.00 NEW
Mosse, Kate Winter ghosts, The H/b 2009 Putnam £3.00 As new
Murhall, J J Horse force: riddle of a rich rat P/b 2002 Hodder £0.50 Fair
Murphy, Jill Worst witch, The P/b 1998 Puffin £1.00 Very good
Nabokov, Vladimir Lolita P/b 1982 Penguin £1.00 Good
Needham, Violet Bell of the evangelists, The H/b 1947 Collins £19.00 Collectable 1st ed
Needham, Violet Changeling of Monte Lucio, The H/b 1946 Collins £15.00 Collectable 1st ed
Needham, Violet Emerald crown, The H/b 1944 Collins £20.00 Collectable.
Needham, Violet House of the Paladin, The H/b 1945 Collins £10.00 Collectable 1st ed
Needham, Violet Woods of Windri, The H/b 1945 Collins £19.00 Collectable
Newby, Eric Traveller's life P/b 1983 Picador £1.00 Good
O'Connor, Joseph Star of the sea P/b 2003 Vintage £1.50 Good
O'Hare, Mick (New Scientist) Does anything eat wasps? P/b 2005 Profile £3.00 As new
O'Neill, Gilda Lost voices :memories of a vanished P/b 2006 Arrow £2.00 Unread
Osborne, Charles Complete operas of Verdi H/b 1969 Gollancz £14.00 Very good
Osborne, Charles Opera House album: postcards H/b 1979 Taplinger £5.00 Excellent
Palin, Michael Hemingway's chair H/b 1995 BCA £2.00 Excellent
Parsons, Tony Man and boy P/b 2000 Harper £0.50 Fair
Partnoy, Frank Infectious greed P/b 2004 Profile £3.50 Good
Patterson, James Merry Christmas, Alex Cross H/b 2012 Century £2.00 Good
Patterson, James Private H/b 2010 Century £2.00 Go0d
Patterson, Richard North Balance of power H/b 2003 Macmillan £3.00 Good
Patterson, Richard North Devil's light, The: war against terror P/b 2012 Quercus £1.00 Fair
Pavarotti, L My world H/b 1995 Chatto £7.00 Good. 1st ed.
Pease, Allan & Barbara Why men can only do one thing at a time H/b 2003 Orion £4.00 NEW
Pennington, Robert R Investor and the law, The H/b 1968 MacGibbon £12.00 Excellent
Petterson, Per Out stealing horses P/b 2006 Vintage £0.50 OK
Phinn, Gervase Head over heels in the Dales H/b 2002 M Joseph £3.00 As new
Phinn, Gervase Over hill and dale P/b 2001 Penguin £1.50 Good
Picardie, Justine Wish I may H/b 2004 Picador £5.00 As new 1st ed signed
Pickering, R J Strength training for athletes 2nd ed P/b 1968 AAA £5.00 Good
Picoult, Jodi Pact, The P/b 2005 Hodder £1.00 Good
Pilkey, Dav Captain Underpants & the big, bad battle (Pt2) P/b 2003 Scholastic £0.50 Fair
Pitman, Jenny Vendetta, The H/b 2004 BCA £2.00 Good
Plummer, R & Quinn, T Maid's tale: life below stairs P/b 2011 Coronet £2.50 New
Pratchett, Terry Going postal: discworld P/b 2004 Corgi £1.00 Good
Pratchett, Terry Hat full of sky, A H/b 2004 Doubleday £2.00 Very good
Prospero, Ann Almost night H/b 2000 BCA £2.00 As new
Prout, Ebenezer Analysis of J S Bach's 48 fuges H/b 1910 Ashdown £40.00 Excellent 1st ed
Pryce, Malcolm Last tango in Aberystwyth (Louie Knight) P/b 2004 Bloomsbury £2.00 Like new
Pullman, Philip Subtle knife, The P/b 2005 Scholastic £0.50 OK
Pym, Barbara Glass of blessings, A P/b 2008 Moyer Bell £4.00 Excellent
Radcliffe, Mark Thank you for the days: boy's own adventures P/b 2009 Pocket £1.00 Good
Radcliffe, Robert Under and English heaven P/b 2003 Abacus £1.00 Good
Rankin, Ian Black and blue P/b 2005 Orion £2.00 Very good
Rankin, Ian Complaints P/b 2010 Orion £1.00 Good
Rankin, Ian Doors open P/b 2009 Orion £1.50 Good
Rankin, Ian Flood, The P/b 2006 Orion £1.00 Good
Rankin, Ian Naming of the dead, The H/b 2006 Orion £2.00 Excellent
Rankin, Ian Resurrection men P/b 2002 Orion £10.00 Fair/good
Rankin, Ian The complaints P/b 2010 Orion £1.00 OK
Reader's Digest: Follett, Code to Zero Pilcher,Winter solstice; and two others H/b Reader's Dig £1.00 As new
Reader's Digest: Includes: Grisham; Hadow; Iles; Khashoggi H/b 2005 RD £3.00 Unused
Reed, John Ten days that shook the world H/b 2006 Folio Society £15.00 As new
Reichmann, W J Use and abuse of statistics P/b 1973 Penguin £3.50 Good
Reilly, Matthew Area 7 P/b 2002 Pan £1.00 Good
Reilly, Matthew Seven ancient wonders P/b 2006 Pan £2.00 Unused
Rendell, Ruth End in tears P/b 2006 Arrow £1.00 Good
Richardson, Dorothy Brownie venturers, The P/b 1983 Knight £0.50 Fair
Rival, Paul The six wives of Henry VIII H/b 1971 Heinemann £1.00 Good
Rix, Jamie War diaries of Alistair Fury: Summer helliday P/b 2004 Random House £0.50 Fair
Robeson, Paul Paul Robeson speaks H/b 1978 Quartet £7.00 Good. 1st ed.
Robinson, David Gerbils H/b 1983 Foyles £1.00 Unused
Robinson, Derek War story P/b 2001 Cassell £1.00 Fair
Robinson, Peter Hanging valley, The P/b 2002 Pan £2.00 As new
Rose, Karen I can see you P/b 2010 Headline £1.50 Good
Rose, Karen You belong to me H/b 2011 Headline £4.00 Good
Rubenfeld, Jed Death instinct, The P/b 2011 Headline £1.50 Used
Rumi Essential Rumi trans Coleman Barks P/b 1996 Harper £1.00 Fair
Runcie, James Granchester: Sidney Chambers & perils P/b 2014 Bloomsbury £3.00 As new
Ryan, Chris Increment, The H/b 2004 Century £2.00 Good
Ryan, Chris Kremlin device H/b 1998 Century £2.00 Good
Ryan, Chris Ultimate weapon H/b 2006 Century £2.00 Good

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