Author Title Soft/Hard/Paperback Published Publisher Price £ Comments
Albers, Michael D The terror P/b 1979 Manor £40.00 Excellent, unused
Ambrose, Tom The nature of despotism H/b 2008 New Holland £8.00 As new
Annesley, Charles The standard operaglass Soft back 1912 Marston £10.00 Good
Astley, Judy Pleasant vices P/b 1995 Black Swan £3.00 Collectable cover
Bacharach, A L ed Musical Companion H/b 1945 Gollancz £1.00 Fair
Baddiel, Ivor & Zucker, Jonny Mystical magic P/b 2003 Scholastic £0.50 Fair
Baedeker Baedeker's Canada P/b 1992 AA £3.00 Good
Baedeker Baedeker's Tuscany P/b 1985 AA £2.00 Good
Baggott, Jean Girl on the wall: one life's rich tapestry P/b 2011 Icon £3.00 New
Bainbridge, Beryl Injury time P/b 2003 Abacus £1.00 Good
Baker, Janet Full circle H/b 1982 F Watts £7.00 Good. 1st edition
Balchin, Nigel Borgia testament H/b 1948 Collins £5.50 1st ed. Good
Ball, Philip Critical mass P/b 2004 Arrow £3.00 Excellent
Barclay, Linwood Too close to home P/b 2008 Orion £1.50 Good
Barkan, V & Zhdanov, V Radio receivers (trans. from Russian) H/b 1970 MIR £80.00 Excellent
Barker, Clive Abarat H/b 2002 Harper £2.00 Very good
Barne, Kitty Listening to the orchestra H/b 1949 Dent £3.00 Very good
Barnes, Julian History of the world in 10½ chapters P/b 1990 Picador £2.50 Excellent
Barrie, Annmarie Beginner's guide to cockatoos H/b 1986 TFH £3.00 Good
Barry, F R Asking the right questions: church & ministry H/b 1960 Hodder £5.00 Excellent
Barstow, Stan Kind of loving, A P/b 1977 Corgi £0.50 Fair
Bateman, Colin I predict a riot P/b 2007 Headline £1.00 Fair
Beaton, M C Agatha Raisin and the quiche of death P/b 2004 Robinson £1.00 OK
Beaton, M C Daphne (The six sisters) P/b 2012 Robinson £2.00 NEW
Beaton, M C Death of a cad P/b 2008 Robinson £1.00 Very good
Beaton, M C Refining Felicity (School for manners) P/b 2012 Canvas £2.00 NEW
Bellew, Helene Ballet in Moscow today H/b 1956 Thames & H £20.00 Excellent.
Benjamin, Daniel & Simon, Steven The next attack H/b 2005 Times £5.00 As new
Bennet, Alan Telling tales: 10 childhood snapshots P/b 2001 BBC £2 As new
Bennett, Alan Clothes they stood up in, The P/b 1998 Profile £1 As new
Benson, E F Lucia in London P/b 1988 Black Swan £2.50 Very good
Benson, E F Queen Lucia P/b 1988 Black Swan £1.50 Good
Berg, A Scott Kate remembered: Katherine Hepburn P/b 2004 Pocket £3.00 Like new
Berry, Mary Recipe for life: autobiography P/b 2014 Penguin £4 New
Bible Little children's bible (Nairne) H/b 1924 Cambridge £8.00 1st ed, excellent
BIBLE Rainbow Good News with colour illustrations H/b Harper Collins £1.00 Fair
Birley, Robert, ed Speeches & documents in American history IV H/b 1942 OUP £5.00 Fair
Blade, Adam Beast quest :Raksha the mirror demon P/b 2011 Orchard £1.00 NEW
Blade, Adam Vespick the Wasp Queen P/b 2010 Orchard £1.50 Unread
Blixen, Karen Out of Africa and Shadows on the grass P/b 1985 Penguin £1.00 Good
Blundell, Nigel World's greatest UFO mysteries H/b 1983 Octopus £2.00 Good
Bogarte, Felix Dead detective, The: Ghost car 49 P/b 2003 Books Noir £0.50 Fair
Bosch, Heironymus Bosch: the Faber Gallery P/b 1953 Faber £10.00 Ex library
Bourne, Sam Righteous men, The P/b 2006 Harper Collins £1.00 Used
Bowley, Arthur Elementary manual of statistics 7th ed H/b 1952 Macdonald £6.00 Excellent
Boyd, William Ordinary thunderstorms P/b 2010 Bloomsbury £1.00 Fair
Boyle, T Coraghessan World's end P/b 1996 Bloomsbury £4.00 As new
Bradbury, Malcolm Eating people is wrong P/b 1988 Arena £1.00 Good
Bradford, Barbara Taylor Woman of substance 20th anniversary ed. P/b 1993 Harper Collins £3.00 New, unused
Bradman, Tony, ed. Gripping war stories P/b 1999 Corgi £1.50 NEW
Brand, Russell My booky wook H/b 2007 Hodder £4.00 As new
Brand, V & G Brass bands in the twentieth century H/b 1979 Egon £8.00 Very good 1st ed
Braun, Lilian Jackson Cat who wasn't there, The P/b Headline £1.00 Ex-library
Brett, Simon Blotto,Twinks & the dead dowager Duchess P/b 2010 Robinson £2.00 Very good
Brett, Simon Blotto,Twinks & the ex-king's daughter P/b 2010 Robinson £2.00 Very good
Brett, Simon Blotto,Twinks & the rodents of the Riviera P/b 2012 Robinson £3.00 NEW
Brett, Simon Death under the dryer P/b 2008 Pan £3 New
Brett, Simon Torso in the town P/b 2003 Berkley £2.00 US ed. Good.
Brett, Simon Witness at the wedding P/b 2006 Pan £3 New
Brierley Selections from Brierley H/b 1914 Pilgrim £8.00 Excellent
Brisco, Norris A Fundamentals of salesmanship H/b 1921 Appleton £8.00 Excellent
Brody, Frances Murder in the afternoon (Kate Shackleton) P/b 2012 Piatkus £2.50 Very good
Bronte, Emily Wuthering heights P/b 1982 Penguin £1.00 Fair
Brown, Dan Da Vinci code P/b 2004 Corgi £3.00 New
Brown, Dan Deception point P/b 2004 Corgi £1.00 Fair
Buchanan, Meriel Diplomacy and foreign courts H/b 1928 Hutchinson £25.00 Good
Bud, Robert et al Inventing the modern world P/b 2000 Science Museum £3.00 Good
Bude, John Cornish Coast murder P/b 2014 BL £2.50 Excellent
Bude, John Cornish Coast mystery, The P/b 2014 British Library £3 As new
Bude, John Lake District murder, The P/b 2014 British Library £3 As new
Bude, John Sussex Downs murder, The P/b 2015 British Library £3 As new
Burgess, Melvin Junk P/b 2003 Puffin £1.50 Fair
Burley, W J Wycliffe & the guilt edged alibi P/b 2001 Orion £2.50 New
Burley, W J Wycliffe and how to kill a cat P/b 2006 Orion £3.00 NEW
Burley, W J Wycliffe and the Beales P/b 2004 Orion £1.50 Excellent
Burley, W J Wycliffe and the last rites P/b 2004 Orion £2.00 Like new
Burley, W J Wycliffe and the scapegoat P/b 2003 Orion £3.00 NEW
Burley, W J Wycliffe and the tangled web P/b 2001 Orion £3.00 NEW
Burley, W J Wycliffe and the three toed pussy P/b 2006 Orion £3.00 As new
Burley, W J Wycliffe in Paul's Court P/b 2002 Orion £2.00 NEW
Burnett, Hodgson, Frances Secret garden, The P/b 1995 Penguin £1.00 NEW
Butcher, Judith Copy-editing: Cambridge handbook H/b 1975 Cambridge £8.00 Excellent
Byatt, A S Still life P/b 1986 Penguin £1.00 Good
Byrne, Tanya Follow me down H/b 2013 Headline £3.50 As new
Cable, Vince The storm H/b 2009 Atlantic £5.00 As new
Carey, Peter Tax inspector, The P/b 1992 Faber £0.50 Fair
Carlo, Philip The iceman P/b 2013 Mainstream £1.50 Fair
Carr, Joseph J Complete book of radio receivers P/b 1980 TAB £15.00 Excellent
Carre, John le Single & single P/b 1999 Coronet £1.00 Good
Carrell, J L Shakespeare secret P/b 2007 Sphere £1.00 Good
Castle, Malcolm All fired up: tales of a country fireman P/b 2012 Orion £2.50 As new
Cathie, Kyle Complete carbohydrate counter P/b 1989 Pan £1.00 Very good
Chambers, Kimberley Betrayer, The P/b 2010 Arrow £1.00 Fair
Chanter, Catherine Well, The P/b 2015 Canongate £2.50 New
Charles, Craig Dwarfer's guide to everything P/b 1997 Penguin £1.00 Good
Chatterton, Ed Dark place to die, A P/b 2012 Arrow £1.00
Cheek, Mavis Sleeping beauties P/b 1996 Faber £1.00 Fair
Child, Lee Bad luck and trouble P/b 2011 Bantam £1.00 Fair
Child, Lee Hard way (Jack Reacher) P/b 2011 Bantam £2.00 Good
Child, Lee Nothing to lose (Jack Reacher) P/b 2009 Bantam £2.00 Good
Christie, Agatha Adventure of the Christmas pudding P/b 2002 Harper £2 Very good
Christie, Agatha By the pricking of my thumbs P/b 1994 Harper £2.50 New
Christie, Agatha Death on the Nile (cover has Peter Ustinov) P/b 1981 Fontana £3.00 Good.
Christie, Agatha Hollow, The P/b 1994 Harper £2.50 As new
Christie, Agatha Mrs McGinty's dead P/b 1984 Pan £1.50 Unread
Clark, Mary Higgins Daddy's gone a-hunting P/b 2014 Simon & S £1.00 Fair
Clark, Mary Higgins Dashing through the snow H/b 2008 Simon & S £0.50 Good
Clark, Mary Higgins You belong to me P/b 1998 Pocket £1.00 Fair
Clarkson, Jeremy I know you got soul P/b 2006 Penguin £1.00 Very good
Clarkson, Jeremy World according to Clarkson, The P/b 2005 Penguin £1.00 Fair
Clarkson, Jeremy World according to Clarkson, The P/b 2005 Penguin £2.00 Like new
Clarkson, Wesley Curse of Brink's Mat -25 years of murder.. P/b 2013 Quercus £3.00 Good
Clayton, Douglas Dictionary of musical terms, A P/b 1932 Clayton £8.00 1st ed. Good
Clayton, Victoria Past mischief P/b 1999 Orion £1.00 Good
Cleeves, Ann Blue lightning P/b 2016 Pan £4 New
Cleeves, Ann Crow trap P/b 2016 Pan £4 New
Cleeves, Ann Dead water P/b 2016 Pan £4 New
Cleeves, Ann Glass room, The P/b 2016 Pan £4 New
Cleeves, Ann Hidden depths P/b 2016 Pan £4 New
Cleeves, Ann Raven black P/b 2016 Pan £4 New
Cleeves, Ann Red bones P/b 2016 Pan £4 New
Cleeves, Ann Silent voices P/b 2016 Pan £4 New
Cleeves, Ann Telling tales P/b 2016 Pan £4 New
Cleeves, Ann White nights P/b 2016 Pan £4 New
Coben, Harlan Play dead P/b 2010 Orion £1.00 Good
Coben, Harlan Seconds away H/b 2012 Orion £3.00 Good
Coben, Harlan Six years H/b 2013 Orion £4.00 As new
Cochrell, Boyd Beaches of hell, The P/b 1961 Panther £8.00 Good for its age
Cole, Martina Take, the P/b 2005 Headline £1.00 Good
Colfer, Eoin And another thing... (Part 6 of 3) H/b 2009 Michael Joseph £2.00 Good
Colfer, Eoin Half moon investigations H/b 2006 Puffin £2.50 As new
Colles, H C The growth of music: Parts I, II, III H/b 1939 OUP £10.00 Good. 2nd ed
Collins Mini atlas of the world H/b 1999 Collins £3.00 Excellent
Condon, Matthew Trout opera P/b 2011 Black Swan £4.00 New
Conefrey, Mick How to climb Mont Blanc in a skirt H/b 2012 Oneworld £2 As new
Cooper, Jilly Appassionata H/b 1996 Bantam £6 As new, 1st ed.
Corder, Zizou Lionboy: The chase H/b 2004 Dial £2.00 Very good
Corder, Zizou Lionboy: The truth H/b 2005 Dial £2.00 Very good
Cornwell, Bernard Azincourt P/b 2009 Harper £1.00 Good
Cornwell, Patricia Blow fly H/b 2003 Little, Brown £2.00 Good
Cornwell, Patricia From Potter's field P/b 1996 Warner £1.00 Fair
Cornwell, Patricia Last Precinct, The H/b 2000 Little, Brown £2.00 Good
Cornwell, Patricia Point of origin H/b 1998 BCA £2.00 Good
Cornwell, Patricia Scarpetta P/b 2009 Sphere £1.00 Good
Cornwell, Patricia Trace H/b 2004 Little, Brown £2.00 Good
Cotterell, A & Stor, R Ultimate encyclopaedia of mythology P/b 2006 Hermes House £2.00 Fair
Cox, Maureen Theory is fun Grade 1 P/b 2007 Subject £2.50 NEW
Cram, Tony Smarter pricing H/b 2006 Prentice Hall £29.00 NEW
Crofts, Freeman Wills Hog's Back mystery P/b 2015 BL £3.00 NEW
Cross, Gillian Facing the demon headmaster P/b 2002 OUP £2.00 As new
Cutler, Tom Gentleman's bedside book H/b 2010 Constable £2.50 As new
Davies, Paul Superforce H/b 1984 Heinemann £4.00 Excellent, 1st ed
Davis, Lindsey Nemesis: a Marcus Didius Falco novel P/b 2010 Century £2.00 NEW
Dayus, Kathleen Where there's life P/b 1985 Virago £2.50 Good
Deaver, Jeffery Blue nowhere, The P/b 2001 Coronet £1.00 Fair
Deaver, Jeffery Roadside crosses P/b 2010 Hodder £1.00 Fair
Delens, A H R Principles of market research H/b 1950 Crosby £5.00 Excellent
Delillo, Don Cosmopolis P/b 2003 Picador £1.00 Good
Diamond, Jared Why is sex fun? Evolution of human.. H/b 1997 Weidenfeld £3.50 Excellent
Dick, Philip World of chance P/b 1959 Panther £7.00 Collectable 1st ed
Dickens, Charles Christmas carol P/b 2012 TransAtlantic £1.50 New
Dickens, Charles Little Dorrit P/b 1967 Penguin £1.00 Excellent
Dickens, Monica Man overboard H/b 1958 Companion £2.00 Good
Dilbert Dilbert: A treasury of Sunday strips P/b 2000 Boxtree £6.00 As new
Dobbs, Michael Edge of madness, The H/b 2008 Simon & S £5.80 Good
Doesser, Linda Bread machine book H/b 2004 Aura £5.00 Excellent
Donaldson, D N Portrait of Winchcombe, A H/b 1978 £8.00 Good. 1st ed
Douglas, Lloyd C Big fisherman, The H/b 1949 P Davies £4.00 1st ed, good
Douglas, Nigel More legendary voices H/b 1994 Deutch £5.00 Excellent
Downham, Jenny Before I die P/b 2008 Definitions £0.50 Fair
Drogin, Bob Curveball H/b 2007 Ebury £5.00 As new
Duffy, Carol Ann Jubilee lines: 60 poets for 60 years H/b 2012 Faber £3 New
Duncanson, Archie Ecology begins at home: using power of choice P/b 2006 Green £1.00 NEW
Dunn, Carola Black ship, The P/b 2009 Robinson £1.50 Good
Dunn, Carola Bloody tower, The P/b 2011 Robinson £1.50 Good
Dunn, Carola Case of the murdered muckraker, The P/b 2011 Robinson £1.50 Read once
Dunn, Carola Damsel in distress P/b 2010 Robinson £2.00 Good
Dunn, Carola Death at Wentwater Court P/b 2009 Robinson £2.00 Good
Dunn, Carola Die laughing P/b 2011 Robinson £1.50 Read once
Dunn, Carola Fall of a philanderer P/b 2011 Robinson £1.50 As new
Dunn, Carola Gone West P/b 2012 Robinson £3.00 NEW
Dunn, Carola Mourning wedding, A P/b 2011 Robinson £2.00 Good
Dunn, Carola Rattle his bones P/b 2010 Robinson £2.00 Good
Dunn, Carola Requiem for a mezzo P/b 2009 Robinson £2.00 Good
Dunn, Carola Sheer folly P/b 2009 Robinson £1.50 Good
Dunn, Carola To Davy Jones below P/b 2010 Robinson £2.00 Good
Durschmied, Erik Hinge factor P/b 1999 Coronet £0.50 Fair
Dyson, Tim Year in Addlestone, A P/b 1993 M O'Mara £1.00 Good

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