Author Title Soft/Hard/Paperback Year Published Publisher Price £ Comments
Complete encyclopaedia of flight 1945-2005 H/b 2005 Rebo £10.00 As new
Arthur, Max Last of the few: Battle of Britain P/b 2010 Virgin £2.00 Good
Bishop, Patrick Fighter boys: saving Britain 1940 P/b 2004 Harper £2.00 Very good
Blackburn, K & Lammers, J World record paper airplane book (USA) P/b 1994 Workman £10.00 NEW
Blackman, Tony Vulcan test pilot H/b 2010 Bounty £7.00 As new
Bonds, Ray Illustrated directory of modern weapons H/b 1985 Salamander £10.00 Excellent
Bowyer, Chaz History of the RAF H/b 1977 Hamlyn £10.00 Very good
Bowyer, Michael J F Interceptor flights for the RAF 1935-45 H/b 1984 P Stephens £6.00 Very good
Bramson, Alan Book of flight tests H/b 1984 BCA £5.00 Excellent
Brookes, Andrew Air war over Russia H/b 2003 Ian Allan £7.00 As new
Brown, Alan They flew from the forest P/b Eon £12.00 Excellent
Buckley, Martin Absolute altitude: hitch-hiker's guide to the sky P/b 2003 Hutchinson £4.00 Like new
Caine, Philip D American pilots in the RAF: WW2 Eagle Sq. P/b 1991 Brassey £7.00 NEW
Chant, C & Taylor, M Aviation: an illustrated history H/b 1994 Blitz £5.00 Good
Chant, C & Taylor, M World's greatest aircraft H/b 2001 Island £6.00 As new
Chaplin, John Wings and space H/b 1970 Ian Allan £3.00 Good
Chichester, Francis Observer's book on astro-navigation H/b 1943 Allen £9.00 Excellent
Comer, John Combat crew P/b 1988 Time £1.00 Scruffy
Cooper, Bryan Story of the bomber 1914-1945 H/b 1974 Octopus £10.00 Excellent
Cooper, H J & Thetford, O G Aircraft of the fighting powers Vol.2 H/b 1942 Harborough £24.00 Good. Collectable
Cowin, Hugh W Risk takers, The: Aviation pioneers 2 P/b 1999 Osprey £6.00 As new
Cowley, W L Aerodynamics of the aeroplane H/b 1943 Nelson £9.00 Very good
Davies, D & Vines, M Antique & classic aircraft H/b 1997 Osprey £8.00 Excellent
Dick, R & Patterson, D 50 aircraft that changed the world P/b 2010 Boston Mills £12.00 As new
Downes, Colin Walker By the skin of my teeth: flying Spitfires etc H/b 2005 Pen & Sword £15.00 NEW
Endres, Gunter et al Modern commercial aircraft H/b 1998 Salamander £10.00 Very good
Foster-Page, G & Baker, D Modern marvels of flight H/b 1956 Ward Lock £5.00 Some scribbles
Francillon, Rene J American fighters of WW2: Vol.One H/b 1971 Hylton Lacy £3.00 Good, 2nd ed.
Gollin, Alfred No longer an island:Britain & the Wright brothers H/b 1984 Heinemann £12.00 Excellent, 1st ed.
Gomberg, David, ed. Stunt kites! a complete flight manual P/b 1991 Cascade £4.00 Good
Green W & Swanborough,G Complete book of fighters: illustrated encyclo. H/b 2001 Salamander £15.00 Very good
Guedalla, Philip Middle East 1940-2:study in air power H/b 1944 Hodder £10.00 Collectable
Hamilton, E R Air navigation H/b 1942 Nelson £9.00 Very good. 1st ed.
Hastings, Max Bomber command P/b 1992 Papermac £3.00 Excellent
Hawks, Capt. Ellison Britain's wonderful fighting forces H/b 1940s Odhams £12.00 Collectable
Hillary, Richard Last enemy, The P/b 1975 Pan £3.00 Good
Hoare, Robert J Story of aircraft & travel by air, The H/b 1970 A & C Black £4.00 Good. Ex-Lib. 4th ed.
Hull, Robert September champions: air racing H/b 1979 Stackpole £15.00 As new
Jackson, R & Winchester, J Military aircraft 1914 to the present day H/b 2007 Amber £8.00 Good
Jane's Fighting aircraft of WW2 H/b 1989 Bracken £10.00 Excellent
Johns, Capt. W E Another job for Biggles H/b 1951 Hodder £10.00 1st ed., fair.
Johns, Capt. W E Biggles & Co H/b 1952 OUP £5.00 Good
Johns, Capt. W E Biggles and the black peril H/b 1970 Thames/Dean £4.00 As new
Johns, Capt. W E Biggles and the black peril H/b Thames £15.00 Rare collectable
Johns, Capt. W E Biggles and the black raider H/b 1953 Hodder £15.00 1st edition, fair.
Johns, Capt. W E Biggles and the cruise of the condor H/b 1985 Thames/Dean £4.00 As new
Johns, Capt. W E Biggles fails to return H/b 1950 Hodder £6.00 Good
Johns, Capt. W E Biggles goes to war P/b 1962 Armada £4.00 Good
Johns, Capt. W E Biggles learns to fly P/b 1963 Armada £3.00 Good
Johns, Capt. W E Biggles of the special air police H/b Thames/Dean £5.00 As new
Johns, Capt. W E Sergeant Bigglesworth C.I.D. P/b 1963 Armada £4.00 Excellent
Matt, Paul R Historical aviation album Vol XII: Benny Howard P/b 1973 HAA £75.00 Rare collectable
McDonald, John J Howard Hughes and his Hercules H/b 1981 BCA £8.00 Excellent
Munson, K US war birds from WW1 to Vietnam H/b 1985 New Orchard £5.00 Very good
Nesbit, Roy Conyers Failed to return: mysteries of the air H/b 1988 PSL £6.00 Excellent
Nevin, David Pathfinders, The H/b 1980 Time £10.00 Excellent
Observer's book of aircraft by Joseph Lawrence H/b 1949 Warne £30.00 New ed., excellent.
Ogilvy, David Old aeroplanes (Shire 141) P/b 1985 Shire £2.00 Excellent
Ogilvy, David Shuttleworth: the historic aeroplanes P/b 1989 Airlife £5.00 Good
O'Neil, Paul Barnstormers and speed kings H/b 1981 Time £10.00 Excellent
Pollard, Capt. A O Epic deeds of the RAF H/b 1940 Hutchinson £27.00 Highly collectable
Price, Alfred Great aircraft of WW2: Supermarine Spitfire P/b 2008 Abbeydale £2.50 NEW
RAF Middle East - Official Story of air ops, Feb 1942-Jan 1943 P/b HMSO £9.00 Collectable
Ray, John Battle of Britain: Dowding (1940) P/b 2002 Cassell £3.00 Good
Rendall, Ivan Reaching for the skies H/b 1988 BBC £8.00 Excellent. 2 copies available
Richey, Paul Fighter pilot P/b 2004 Cassell £3.00 As new
Robinson, A C Groung engineer's manual, The H/b 1941 Newnes £10.00 Excellent, with DJ
Rolfe, Mel Looking into hell - Bomber Command P/b 2000 Cassell £3.00 Very good
Schieldrop, Edgar B Conquest of space and time: The Air H/b 1940s Hutchinson £5.00 Fair
Sharpe, Michael Biplanes, triplanes & seaplanes H/b 2000 Grange £5.00 As new
Spalding, C & Carney, O Love at first flight H/b 1943 Literary Classics £7.00 Collectable
Strong, C & Hart-Davis, D Fighter pilot: book of the TV series P/b 1982 Futura £2.00 Good
Taylor, M & Mondey, D Milestones of flight P/b 1983 Jane's £6.00 Good
Terras, J A Pilot instrument flying P/b 1970 Lernhurst £3.50 Excellent
Thetford, O G Camouflage '14-'18 Aircraft P/b 1943 Harborough £15.00 Fair, collectable
Thomas, Graham Firestorm, A: Typhoons over Caen H/b 2006 Spellmount £22.00 As new
Tokunaga, Katsuhiko Top teams H/b 1988 Magnus £15.00 Like new
Trevor, Elleston Squadron airborne H/b Popular £6.00 Good
Turner, John Frayn Bader wing, The H/b 2007 Pen & Sword £10.00 NEW
Walling, S A & Hill, J C Aircraft navigation H/b 1943 Cambridge £5.00 Very good
White, Rowland Storm front P/b 2012 Corgi £3.00 Good
Wilson, Kevin Men of air: doomed youth of Bomber Command P/b 2008 Orion £2.00 Like new
Winchester, Barry Eighty four days: Battle of Britain H/b 1974 Selma £10.00 1st edition, very good
Wragg, David W Speed in the air H/b 1974 Osprey £6.00 Good. Ex-Lib
Railways, Ships & Aeroplanes illustrated H/b 1946 Odhams £6.00 Excellent

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